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April 18-April 21

Thought of the week:  What are some ways to travel in the city?

Reading:  Subway

Math:  alike or different

Religion:  The Bible

Handwriting:  lowercase b,p

Amazing words:  subway, cars, hurry, ride, stair, stop


Notes:  No school on Monday, April 17

Mothers-please keep the afternoon of May 12 open….more details soon!



April 18-April 21 2017-04-05T14:17:25+00:00


What a wonderful night! Thank you to all who attended, and thank you for your generous donations to Manna Meal! Click the title for photos from the SHGS Arts Extravaganza!

SHGS ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA 2017-04-26T10:27:39+00:00

March 27-March 31

Thought of the week:  What are some ways to travel in the country?

Reading:  My Truck is Stuck

Math:  take one away

Religion:  Growing and changing

Handwriting:  e, f, g, j

Amazing words:  dump truck, tow truck, road, stuck, tug, load


Notes:  Please begin sending in 6 filled regular size Easter Eggs

April 5            1:10 Easter egg hunt-All parents are welcome to come and watch!

April 6-7        No ECE or Pre K classes-Preschool teacher conference


March 27-March 31 2017-03-24T15:55:19+00:00

March 20-March 24

Thought of the week:  What are some ways to travel around the world?

Reading:  The Big Trip

Math:  One more

Religion:  God gives us feelings

Handwriting:  o, a, d, c

Amazing words:  trip, land, plane, ship, hot air balloon, tunnel

Notes:  Read Easter Egg hunt letter to parents.

Please remember to send sheets and folders back on Mondays.

March 20-March 24 2017-03-17T12:25:36+00:00

March 6-March 10

Thought of the Week:  What are some ways to travel in the sky?

Reading:  Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Math:  more or less

Religion:  learning and discovering

Handwriting:  letter Z, review upper case A-Z

Amazing words:  dew, fish, fisherman, nets, river, waves


Notes:  Book order forms home 3/3

March 6-March 10 2017-03-03T12:01:17+00:00

February 27-March 3

Thought of the week:  Where can you travel on a bus?

Reading:  The Seals on the Bus

Math:  7, 8, 9, 10

Religion:  Look what I can do!

Handwriting:  A, X, Y

Amazing words:  bus, town, seals, monkeys, party, viper

Notes:  Mardi Gras: Tuesday 2/28

February 27-March 3 2017-02-27T16:33:57+00:00

February 20-24

Thought of the week:  Red, white,and blue

Reading: Stories of patriotism and presidents

Math:  What’s the number?

Religion:  God’s gift of life

Handwriting: M,V,W

Amazing Words:  president, Washington, Lincoln, flag, America

Popcorn Sale: Feb. 24- $0.25


February 20-24 2017-02-22T09:46:04+00:00

February 13-17

Question of the Week:  How do children get ready to sleep?

Reading:  Close Your Eyes

Math:  4,5,6

Religion: God’s gift of light

Handwriting:  R,K,N

Amazing words:  catch, dreams, mountains, ocean, stretched, stripes

February 13-17 2017-02-10T11:49:35+00:00