Niki Kurten

   Janine Olian

Tuesday:  Class Pictures  5A Must wear regular uniforms – not gym clothes.

Thursday:  ARK assessment for 5A & 5B  This is not a graded test, but an evaluation of our school Religious Education Program.

Friday:  Grades close for Progress Reports


Reading/Spelling:   Wordly Wise Lesson 15  

Friday:  Wordly Wise and Spelling tests


English:  Mentor Sentence check Thursday

Beginning Poetry Unit


Math:   Daily lessons and homework

Friday:  Test Lessons 1 – 85


Science:  Continuing Chapter 9 Lesson 3

Daily in class graded activities


Social Studies:  Completing Chapter 7 Lesson 4

Daily graded activities.  Possible open book quiz Thursday on Lessons 3 & 4.


Religion:  Wednesday:  Test on Chapter 18