Niki Kurten

   Janine Olian

Tuesday:  Retreat Permission form due

Looking Ahead:  Tuesday April 4 1:30 p.m.  Living Stations by 5th Grade in the School Gym

Wednesday April 5   May Wheeling trip forms and fees due

Thursday  April 6  5th Grade Retreat in Cordis Center Chapel


Reading/Spelling:   Wordly Wise Lesson 12 

Friday:  Vocabulary and Spelling tests

Thursday:  March Madness Book Tournament Script due


English:  Mentor Sentence check Thursday

Script writing


Math:   Daily lessons and homework

Tuesday, April 4 Test Lessons 1-80


Science:  Completing Chapter 9 Lesson 1  Worksheets/notes are graded

Begin Lesson 2  What Causes Changes to Earth’s Landforms

Social Studies:  Chapter 7  Lesson 2 The Roaring 20s

Friday:  Possible test on Lessons 1 & 2

Religion:  Chapter 17  Jesus Heals

Rehearsal for Living Stations

Additional costume pieces due Friday