4th Grade Newsletter

April 17th – April 21st

Religion –  Chapter 25: We Are the Church

Reading – Begin reading Shiloh     

                   In-class reading comprehension activities

English – Begin Compare and Contrast Essay     No Test


Spelling –    Test on Friday

scolding, impatient, disappointed complain, native, thumping, gradually, nibble, maze, ashamed, bawl, snarl, wince, tremble, stethoscope, enthusiasm, allergic, rehearse, fierce, antibiotics


Math – Lessons 100-101  Test on Wednesday

      **Tables and Schedules          **Tenths and Hundredths on a Number Line

     **  Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Equal to 1/2


West Virginia Studies–  Chapter 2: The Land of West Virginia       No Test

                                            **Oral Interview Due April 28th


Science- Continue our Energy Unit(Part 2)    No Test   

      **Describing Radiant Energy         

      **Describing Visible Light (Observing How Light Waves Are Reflected)

      **Identifying Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent



**MAP Testing is this week for 4th Grade

**As we are able to wear shorts following Spring Break, please make sure they are knee length

Wed., April 19th – Parent Lunch 12:20