4th Grade Newsletter

April 24th – April 28th

Religion:  ARK Test on Monday

                   Chapter 24

Reading:  Shiloh Chapters 6-10    Vocabulary/Comprehension Test Friday, May 5th.

                   In-Class Comprehension Activities 

English:  Adverbs:  Lessons 6.1-6.3    No Test

                 **Adverbs for Time and Place(When and Where)

                 **Adverbs for Manner(How)

                 **Adverbs that Compare

Spelling:  4A -Test this week will be from last week’s words  (See 4/17 – 4/21 newsletter)

                  4B – Test on Friday on the following words:

groveling, cringe, abandoned, mistreated, haul, nudge, feeble, tense, unfasten, clatter, humble, suspicious, envy, blister, remedy, crouches, thrust, pestering, warble, quarrel

Math:  Lessons 102 – 104   No Test

               **  Tenths and Hundredths on a Number Line

               **  Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Equal to Half

              **  Changing Improper Fractions to Whole or Mixed Numbers

WV History:  Finish Chapter 2      Test on May 2nd

            **Oral Interview Due on April 28th

Science:  Continue Energy Unit (Part 2)       No Test

            ** Celebrate Earth Day         **Describe How Earth’s Rotation Creates Shadows

            **Describe Refraction of Light Waves             

             **Describing Heat and How Heat is Transferred Through Radiation and Conduction


**Please send any Used Magazines or Yarn to school.  Thank you for your help.

Monday, April 24th – Turn in  2 Permission Slips that were in the Friday Folders (Due on Friday)

Friday, April 28th – End of Grades for Progress Reports