4th Grade Newsletter

April 3rd – April 7th

Religion – Holy Week Activities    No Test


Reading – Story: Cliff Hanger    Test on Thursday

                   Skill:  Character, Plot, and Theme

                   Vocab:  coil, descent, foresaw, rappel, ridge, shaft, trekked, void


EnglishTest on Lessons 5.6 – 5.11 on Tuesday

                **Subject/Verb Agreement


Spelling –   Greek Word Parts       Test on Thursday

telephone, biography, telescope, photograph, microwave, diameter, barometer, microscope, headphones, microphone, autograph, microchip, telegraph, perimeter, paragraph, phonics, symphony, saxophone, periscope, megaphone


Math – Lessons 97 – 100     No Test

**Mean, Median, Range, and Mode

**Geometric Solids     **Constructing Both Prisms and Pyramids


Social Studies –  WV History Chapter 1 Test on Wednesday


ScienceTest on our Energy Unit (Part 1) Thursday

    **Characteristics of Sound Energy     **Describing How Musical Instruments Produce Sounds

    **Comparing the Pitch of Sounds



**This week is a dress down week for students**

Wed., April 5th – 8:15 Mass  (Follow Friday’s Schedule)

Fri., April 7th – No School:  Good Friday