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Physical Education November

Since the leaves and temperatures have fallen it is time for the return of the basketball hoops in the gym.  YEAH!! We will be learning about the game James Naismith invented. Where the game originated, the rules of the game and its strategies.  We will also learn the techniques of dribbling, passing and shooting the basketball.

In addition to basketball, the students will maintain their fitness with jump rope, tag games and relay races.  I also loving doing the Thanksgiving relay with each class.  We will learn to set the table using equipment from my gym.  Hula hoop for a plate, scarf for a napkin, rubber chicken , noodle and other items that represent the traditional foods for Thanksgiving.

I am providing the information for the Drumstick Dash.  I love seeing all the Sacred Heart Families participate every year.  This year we will not be at the Drumstick Dash, we have decided to support the Mountaineers in Texas for Thanksgiving.


Drumstick Dash!!!!

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Physical Education October

First, I want to extend Sacred Heart’s most grateful appreciation to all the parents and volunteers that assisted with Gym Jam. It was a smashing success!  The day was filled with fitness and fun. We hope your children enjoyed it.

In October, we will finish up handball and learn new team work activities. As Halloween creeps closer each class will play a scary and spooky (but fun) game called Haunted House.  The game is a variation of tag. The students walk around the haunted house, which will be the indoor four-square. There will be four ghosts to protect the candy (which will be bean bags)  in the house. If a player is tagged by the ghosts the player will do three burpees prior to returning to the game. 

We will always supplement these topics with our weekly work-out routines and fun physical education games.

Please be sure to have all uniform sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece jackets labeled with your child’s name as the weather begins to turn cooler.

Preschool children please remember to wear tennis shoes on gym day.

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Physical Education September

September News

During September we will continue working on cooperative games for each class.  Our classes start with circuit training and physical fitness.  

Preschool and Kindergarten are learning spatial awareness, balance and when to stop and start. We are also working on hand eye coordination by tossing and bouncing balls. First and Second grades will continue with these same concepts but apply them in group settings with activities called Cookie Jar and Dog Catcher. Third and Fourth grades will focus on reviewing recess games, Four-square, Basco ball, and 3v3 basketball.  At the end of September, the students will be taught the game of Cooperative Handball.  


Back to school 9/3- Charleston Catholic Girls Soccer team will babysit for donations during back to school night

Gym Jam 10/2  

Rules of the Gym and Playground

Be Responsible

Wear correct shoes to gym class

Keep your hands (and feet) to yourself

Use playground and gym equipment properly

Be Respectful

Treat people how you want to be treated

Be honest, play by the rules

Do your best

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2019/2020 is Here

The 2019/2020 school year is here!

The first few weeks of school we will review the rules associated with recess and the playground.  First graders will learn how to play Two- square while the second through fifth graders will play Fish Football, Four-square and Bosco Ball.  We will also engage in team building games that help us all get re-acquainted.

We need volunteers for playground duty so please consider contacting Tara Hayslip to sign up.

I am looking forward to another great year!  Lets go Irish!!


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