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May 21, 2020 Thursday 1B

LAST DAY OF E-LEARNING!!  FUN ASSIGNMENTS!!!!  (Just math test needs to be sent to me!)


ZOOM-10 AM-Bring Jumbo Journal-share your favorite activity from 1st grade!  You may wear beach attire…and a hat!!

READING-Choose your favorite story, or your favorite chapter book and read for 20 minutes. (DEAR-Drop Everything And Read!!)  Make this a habit-and do it every day this summer!!

ENGLISH-See below…no written assignment!!

This summer-review the “Steps for A Book Report”, and “Research Reports” found at the back of the “Voyages” English Book!!!  This will further prepare them for 2nd Grade!!!!

RELIGION-Read your Bible this summer and YouTube kids has lots of great Bible stories and videos!!

MATH-LAST ASSESSMENT-Written Assessment #22!

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES-Keep up with current events!!  Nat. Geographic For Kids and Science You Tube are great activities!!

Khan Academy Kids-Library-Books-Choose story from Backyard Wildlife OR Vehicles!!!  Enjoy this all summer long!!


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May 20, 2020 Wednesday, 1B

PHONICS-Rev. words with “aw” sound (saw).  Do worksheet #574.

READING-Read pgs. 198-199, “History of Inventions”.  Go to YouTube Kids-American Inventors for Kids. Enjoy!

ENGLISH-p. 251-Parts of a Book Report.

RELIGION-In Jumbo Journal-write about your favorite school activity that we have done this year.  (You can include more than 1!)  Illustrate-and bring these to our final Zoom meeting on Thursday!!)

MATH-Fact Assessment #20 (subtraction).

Khan’s kids-Library-Addition & Subtraction-Subtract Equations.

SCIENCE-YouTube Kids-The Circulatory System( Ed. Video for Kids.)

Check out Mrs. Price’s website! (reading center).

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May 19, 2020 1B

Zoom -10 am

PHONICS-Rev. compound words, vowel digraphs-p. 172 in reading book.  Do worksheet #573.  (Has picture of painter at the top-I know some of the numbers were cut off of the worksheets-sorry!).

READING-Reread “The Great Inventor”.  Discuss questions #1 and #4.

YouTube Kids-Biography of Alexander Graham Bell for Children:Famous Inventors For Kids-FreeSchool.

ENGLISH-Read “What is a Book Report?” p. 250.  Answer questions 1-5.

RELIGION-YouTube kids-Jonah and the Whale- Stories of God Holy Tales.

MATH-Performance Task Worksheet 130 B.

SCIENCE-Anatomy booklet-p. 11.  Draw a picture at bottom of page of YOU exercising!! (bike riding, jumping rope, skipping, etc.)

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May 18, 2020 Monday 1B

PHONICS-Vowel sound in ball: aw, au (ex. saw, haul).  Use p. 170 in Reading book.  Complete worksheet #569.  (Has picture of a saw and auto at top of the page.)

READING-Intro. Biography(p. 174).  Intro. new vocab. words on p. 171.  Complete worksheet #570.  Then read orally “A Great Inventor”, pgs. 175-193.  (May want to divide the reading up into 2 sessions-long story).

ENGLISH-Common/Proper Nouns p. 48.

RELIGION-YouTube Kids-Mary, The Blessed Virgin HD.

MATH-Problem Solving 130 A.

SCIENCE-Anatomy Booklet-read p. 11 with your child.  (Circulatory System).

Check out Mrs. M.’s gym activities.

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Friday, May 15, 2020 1B and 1C!!


READING-Read a story(your choice) to mom and dad!!  Use expression in your voice!!

Khan’s Kids-Library-Reading-Choose a Non-Fiction Nature Story or a National Geographic Young Explorer Story!

MATH-Khan’s Kids-Library-Logic-Choose some Strategy and Logic activities to do!!

FOR FUN:SCIENCE YouTube Kids-Magic School Bus Works Out (Respiratory and Muscular Systems!)

Take a walk-notice how GREEN everything is!!  Look at leaves,  flowers, and all the insects!!  Say a little prayer thanking God for all he offers us EVERY DAY!!

1B-check out Mrs. H’s music activity!

1C-check out Mrs. M’s gym activity!


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Mar. 9-13

Study sight words.

Read orally every night.

Practice spelling words.

Review money amounts and adding coins together.

1B Mass-Friday, Mar. 13, 2020! (Practice songs!)

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March 2-6

Read orally every night! Read Dr. Seuss books this week!

Practice the sight words.

Review addition and subtraction flashcards.

Count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Study spelling words every night.

Wednesday, March 4-Dress down day!

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Feb. 24-28

Read orally every night.

Practice sight words.

Review addition and subtraction flashcards.

Practice counting money.

Study spelling words.

Tuesday, Feb. 25-Mardi Gras-wear gym uniforms! Also-field trip to Clay Center!

Wednesday, Feb. 26-Ash Wednesday.

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Feb. 17-21

Monday, Feb. 17-President’s Day

Study spelling words every night.

Practice addition and subtraction flashcards.

Add pennies, nickels, and dimes together.

Read orally every night.

Feb. 19-Day of Giving T-Shirt dress down day!

Feb. 21-Progress Reports

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Feb. 10-14

Study sight words.

Practice addition and subtraction flashcards.

Tell time to the hour and half hour.

Friday Feb. 14-Mass 1B!  And Valentine’s Day Exchange!!


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