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Thursday May 21, 2020

Beach and Pool Day!

Today will be the last day of assignments! I am so sorry that we had to end on this note, but I feel confident that next year will be a smooth transition to Pr-k4! Things to work on this summer are just the basics. Social – emotional independence is key in preschool! Your child should be able to use the bathroom without assistance, clothe themselves, put on jackets, open their own snack, begin to problem solve without adult supervision, share, basic manners, and play cooperatively with others! Knowing how to write their name, number/ shape/ letter recognition, simple patterns, and counting 1-20 will help, but it is not needed in order to be successful for next year.

Thank you to all the parents/ grandparents/ caregivers who helped assist in learning during this stressful time. I have said this many times before, but the children in this years class are a great group of kids, and hold a special place in my heart. Good Luck next year and have fun this summer!

Zoom meeting tomorrow for our last class goodbye!

Writing: Draw a picture of something special from this year. Be prepared to share your picture during tomorrows zoom meeting.
Math: Make ocean animals out of different shapes using play-doh.
Science: Salt water experiment
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Wednesday May 19, 2020

Day three of spirit week! Rainbow Day!

Snack: I challenge you to eat every color of the rainbow today. How many fruits and vegetables can you eat?

Math: Create AB and ABC patterns, then Mom and Dad will start a pattern and you will continue the pattern.

Writing: Write your name and numbers 1-10 using the colors of the rainbow.

STEM: Can you create a rainbow using blocks or leggos?

Make a Lego Rainbow

Science: Mixing colors experiment. In small cups, add water and food dye. Take a long piece of paper towel and dip into each cup. Make predictions of what might happen to the paper towel. How long will this take to happen? What colors will you see?

This rainbow science experiment is a so cool!



Zoom Meeting Friday

Topic: ECE2
Time: May 22, 2020 09:40 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 1155 5195
Password: ECE2

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Tuesday May 19, 2020

Day 2 of Spirit Week!

Today is Career Day! Wear a costume of something you want to be when you grow up!

1.  (Use items in your E-Day Bag). Draw a picture of your favorite part of today’s book and dictate a sentence about it to your parent (who can write it next to your picture).  Allow children to mimic your writing, if interested.
2.  When I Grow Up…
Wear a costume and role play that job with a friend or sibling.
Vet, Beautician , Chef, Fire Fighter, Engineer
Factory worker, Nurse, Doctor,Teacher, Coal miner
Farmer, Postal worker, Banker, Dentist, Pilot
Marine, Construction worker, Salesperson, Grocery clerk
Sensory: Make a trash sensory bin. You can use oats, beans, sand etc. as your base. Add scraps of paper and different toy cars.
Trash sensory table! Community Helper themed activities and centers for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Plus FREE community signs & fire printable.
Math: Pick three jobs from the list above. Take a poll on family and friends of their favorite community helper. Graph your results.
STEM: Using blocks, leggos, or natural materials, build a community. You will need a bank, hospital, park, grocery store, and houses.
Community Helpers Activities and Centers for Preschool and Kindergarten - Pocket of Preschool
Zoom meeting Friday at 9:40!
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Monday May 18, 2020

Happy Spirit Week!

Wear green today to support the ECE2 class!

Literacy: What is your favorite color? Draw a monster, like the one in your story using your favorite color! Create a story with your monster picture. Have mom or dad write the dictation on the back of your picture.

Math: Count all the things in your room that are the color green.

2. Count all the objects in your E-day learning packet that are green.

3. Sort all the objects in your packet by color. Use your clothes pin to move each object.

Art: Make a collage using only the color green!

Teaching Colors - Green - Happy Home Fairy

Zoom meeting Friday morning! More info to come.

Specials Classes:
On Monday is Music-Please see Mrs. Haas’ Class Page
On Thursday is Gym-Please see Mrs. Mullen’s Class Page
On Friday is Reading Center-Please see Mrs. Price’s Page


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Friday May 15, 2020

Good morning!

We made it, TGIF! Only one more week to go! Tune in for information about spirit week for our final week. Our class color is green! Catch up on any camping activities from this week. Enjoy the weather and have a great weekend!

Love & miss my kiddos, Mrs. Schau

What if They Spend Their Whole Childhood Playing?

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Thursday May 14, 2020




Literacy: Read a book to your stuffed animals.

Math: Play go fish.

Art: Homemade water colors: Place markers in a cup of water. Paint a picture of you camping with your family with the watercolors.

Science: Collect leaves, sticks, rocks, bark, etc. Fill a tub of water and predict which object will sink or float. Drop your collection in the water. Where any of your predictions correct?

Fine motor: Practice using scissors by cutting leafs.

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Wednesday May 13, 2020




“Camping Pokey”
Sung to: “Hokey Pokey”
You put your marshmallow in,
You take your marshmallow out,
You put your marshmallow in
and you shake it all about,
You do the campfire pokey,
and you turn yourself around,
And that’s what it’s all about, hey!

Substitute “marshmallow” with hot dog, apple, popcorn, and anything else that you can roast over the campfire.

Literacy: A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

Math: Create your own patterns while beading a bracelet.

Writing: Create a writing tray using salt, shaving cream, sand, liquid soap, etc. Practice writing and identifying basic shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, diamond, and heart.

Salt Tray Writing Practice - Play to Learn


Art: Create a bird feeder using a toilet paper roll. Other than bird seed, birds will also eat peanut butter, apples, squash seeds, raisins, bananas, hard cheese, and cooked pasta.

Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeder


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Tuesday May 12, 2020




Literacy: Tell camp stories to each other. Read a story or make one up as you go.

Fine motor: Create a forest animal, such as a bear, with play-doh.

Writing: Using your name card or writing your name on a piece of paper, collect leaves, flowers, or sticks and glue them to the letter in your name.

There is always something new to be discovered when you are exploring the outdoors. The majority of the time we spend outside together is unstructured playtime. This is a great activity to add into your outdoor time to teach you little learners about nature! #nature #craft #activity #preschool #kindergarten #nameactivity #kids #mrsjonescreationstation
Art: Marshmallow process art: Put a large marshmallow on a stick and use it as a paint brush. (You may want to leave a few marshmallows out over night so they harden).  Use red, yellow and orange paint to paint a  fire.  Optional- Add brown paper logs at the bottom to make it look like a campfire.
Science: Explore the dirt and mud around your yard. What lives in the dirt? What animals like the mud? What happens to dirt when you add water? What happens to mud when it stays in the sun light? What can you build with dirt? Can you make a mud pie?


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Monday May 11, 2020

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend! This week I wanted to focus more on a camping theme since summer is right around the corner, and I have been hearing a lot of feedback that many are already pretending to camp!





Literacy: Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Play: Build a campsite! You will need a tent (or blanket fort), a fire, a flashlight, some food to eat, blankets, pillow, and a sleeping bag. Add other props that are appropriate. If you do not have something, have your child make it from things around the house.

Writing: Take a walk outside or explore your yard. Take paper and crayons with you and record observations of any wildlife, plants, bugs, or cloud that you see.

Art: Make various size fish out of construction paper. Make some that are large, and some that are small. Use different colored construction paper. Use this as one of your camping props.

 Math: Sort the fish you made. Sort by color, size, and shape.

Science: How to make DIY S’mores in a Solar Oven Pizza Box 

(This experiment is really fun!)



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May 8, 2020

Hello all!

Happy Friday. No new assignments today. I hope you enjoyed learning about bugs and insects this past week. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Happy Mothers Day 🙂

30 Mother's Day 2019 Quotes That Perfectly Captures The Depth of Your Bond - Hike n Dip #Eyebrows
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