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November 18-22, 25 & 26

Theme/Letter-Thanksgiving/I am thankful for…/Ii

We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and make paper plate boats, noodle necklaces, patterned headbands, turkey  handprints, and paint with feathers. We will practice our table manners for Thanksgiving.  Look for a life-size tepee in our Science/Math center for us to play inside.

A special gift will be coming home to show our love to you.

A large envelope will be sent home Friday full of “Community Helper” crafts.  It was an awesome theme!

Math-Counting to 20, one to one correspondence, patterning, working puzzles, Recognizing Numbers 1-10

Religion-We look forward to celebrating God’s gifts on Thanksgiving Day.

Ms. June is back after filling in as Mrs. Schau’s long -term sub the past two months  We are so happy, but are thankful we had a wonderful replacement aide during that time.  We will miss you, Mrs. Jarvis.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!



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November 4-8, Tues. Nov.12-15

Theme/Letter-Community Helper/H

Our week begins with a lesson on dental health taught by Dr.Patnoe’s hygienists.  Thank you!

The classroom centers will relate to work places  in our community:  a construction site, a hospital, a post office, a city with police cars and fire trucks and burning buildings, a restaurant, a hair salon, etc… The children will have lots of fun learning with our theme through crafts, songs, dances, books and play.

Math-Counting to 20, Sorting, Patterning, 1-1 Correspondence

Religion-We say “thank you” to God on Thanksgiving.

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October 21-25, Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Theme/Letter-Farm & Ghosts and Goblins/F & G

To help learn what farms have and farmers do, our classroom centers are filled with animals and vegetables and tractors…and farm books.  We will be making fresh butter, painting red barns and white sheep, and pretending to milk cows.

Our Halloween and fall crafts are brightening our room and hallway. Thursday, October 31, 8:15 is our  parade on the playground with classroom party to follow. Please send your child in costume with clothes underneath that day.   A donation sign-up sheet is in the hallway for party items.  Thank you.

Math-AB Patterns, Counting to 20, Counting objects one by one

Religion-On Halloween, we dress up for make-believe.

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October 15-18

No School Monday, Oct. 14-Professional Teacher Development

Theme/Letter-Fall/Review Letters A-E

Math-Patterns, Shapes, Counting, Graphing

Religion-We can trust people who love us and want good things for us.

Self-Help-Let’s practice putting on our fall jackets and zipping them.

Halloween Parade-Thursday, Oct.31, 8:15.  Meet us on the playground after drop off to watch the school parade.  Please send your child to school dressed in their costume with clothes underneath. Parents are welcome to join us in the classroom for a small party after the parade



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September 30-October 4, Oct. 7-11

Theme/Letter-Dinosaurs and Eggs/D & E

As we explore this theme, we will learn about dinosaurs through activities, songs, stories, playtime in centers and dances. We will make salt dough dinosaur fossils, paper plate dinosaurs, do dinosaur feet stomp painting, build a shape dinosaur, freeze dinosaur eggs ( water balloons with mini dinosaurs inside), grow dinosaur eggs, and make big foam dinosaur feet to wear on the playground. Plus more and this theme is so fun it lasts 2 weeks!

Math-AB Patterning, Counting, Graphing, Shape Recognition

Religion-Many people help our families love and care for us.

Self-Care-Please have your child practice wiping after a bm.  We are building independence in many ways-cleaning up, morning chores, opening our snacks, carrying our book-bags, buttoning our clothes, etc…

Social-Emotional Development is a lot of what we are about in preschool. This develops through positive student/teacher relationships, modeling how to problem solve, learning to make good choices, etc…  Through positive play with others we learn best.

Monday, October 14-No School-Professional Staff Development

Read Aloud-Bring your own age appropriate/seasonal/or favorite books to read.  Sign up will be in the hallway. You must be Virtus Trained to participate.

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September 23-27

Theme/Letter-Corn/C/Our names

Happy Fall!  This week we will paint with corn cobs, bake cornbread, glue popcorn kernels around our names, Pom Pom paint candy corn, shuck corn outside and boil and eat it, play with deer corn in our sensory box, and watch Indian corn grow in water.  We will sing, dance and listen to corn stories.

Math-Counting to 10, graphing, patterning, measuring, & one to one correspondence

Please have a leakproof thermos or water bottle in your child’s book bag side pocket that we can take outside for recess.

Religion-We are created and loved by God.


Monday. October 14, Columbus Day-No School

Thursday, November 7, Conferences for K-5 and no school for them, but Preschool is in session.

Monday, November 11, Veteran’s Day-No School

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September 16-20

Theme/Letter-Bears/B/Recognizing our names

Friday is our Teddy Bear Picnic. Please send a bear or other stuffed animal that day.

Our week:  practicing to button with our pockets like Corduroy, fingerprinting brown sandy bears, taste testing honey, making mini snowy caves for little bears to hibernate inside, dressing build a bears in our sensory box and enjoying  bear stories, songs, and rhymes.

Math-Counting to 10, sequencing teddy grahams, 1-1 correspondence, patterning teddy bear counters, weighing teddy bear counters, graphing

Religion-God wants us all to be friends.

Children are playing together wonderfully and  cleaning up their centers so well after play.  They are enjoying our fun activities. We are working on communicating calmly with words and choosing green choices versus red ones, all day long.  (Red/green chart is in our classroom.)

Have a great week.  Thank you for sharing your precious children with us.




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September 9-13

Thanks to those who attended Open House! 

Room Mom will coordinate Read Aloud/Class Parties, so to participate in these activities please complete your Virtus training.

Please accept my request for Remind. I will include one parent, if another wants to be added, let me know.  You can access our newsletters on the school website through my Remind messages. Our school web is shgs.us😀

Birthday treats are to be dropped off in the morning. Please keep them simple-prepackaged treats are nice!

Friday’s-Return Reading Center books for a new one.

Arrival Time is 7:40-8.  Please keep disruptions to a minimum if you are dropping off your child sometime later.  And Parents please say your goodbyes in the hallway.  We are busy learners and need to stay on schedule to accomplish all that’s planned.  Please write any communication in our sign-in book under notes.  Thank you!

Behavior-We will begin learning about green and red choices and how to problem solve with others.  We have a ‘Safe Place’ in our library center where children can practice calm down choices, if necessary.  Learning kind and respectful behaviors is an ongoing process.


PLEASE SEND 2 APPLES FOR OUR FUN-FILLED WEEK.  We will hear/sing lots of Apple stories, songs, rhymes…have apple boat races with our friends from Ms.June’s class, cook applesauce, bubble wrap paint apples, graph our favorite apples, make apple smiles to eat, and lots more.

Math-Counting, graphing, patterning, measuring

Shape/Color-Circle/red, green and yellow

Religion-God wants us all to be friends.






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August 26-30, September 3-6

Theme/Letter-All About Me/Recognizing our names

I’m excited as we begin to learn about each other, our classroom, and school and smoothly transition into a new year.  We are busy here and every moment of each day is fun-filled and purposeful.  It’s a great place to be.

Plan to attend our Back-To School Night, Wednesday, September 4 @ 6:30 and learn about all we do in ECE.

Math-Counting to 20, Graphing


Religion-We are all made and loved by God.



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