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May 29th – June 2nd

4th Grade Newsletter

May 29th – June 2nd

Religion:  End of the Year Activities

Language Arts Block:  Students will be working on their 4th Grade Memory Books

Math:  Review Skills from the year

Science:  We will be building Series Circuits and Parallel Circuits


Mon., May 29th:  No School

Tues., May 30th:  Last Hot Lunch; Dress Down Day

Wed., May 31st:  Class Picnic at Coonskin – Wear your Class Colors 4A-Blue and 4B-Red

Thurs., June 1st:  Dress Down Day; Eat Lunch in Classrooms (Qdoba provided or pack your own lunch)

Fri., June 2nd:  Dress Up Day; Early Dismissal  11:30; Report Cards Go Home


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May 22nd – May 26th

4th Grade Newsletter

May 22nd – May 26th


Religion:  Chapters 22 & 23: The 9th and 10th Commandment


Reading:  Complete The Lemonade War

Summaries for each Chapter due on Friday


English:  Continue Chapter 7/8:  Capitalization & Punctuation ; Diagramming Sentences

Quiz on Diagramming Sentences on Thursday


W V History: Begin Chapter 4


Math:  Lessons 116-119     Test on Tuesday

**Common Denominators     **Rounding Whole #’s through Hundred Millions

**Dividing by 2-Digit #’s        **Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators


Science:  Continue Exploring Electricity Unit  /  No Test This Week


Fri., May 26th- Field Trip to the Capitol and Cultural Center

**May 31st:  Class Picnic at Coonskin     4A  Blue             4B   Red




May 22nd – May 26th2023-05-22T15:27:22-04:00

May 15th – May 19th

4th Grade Newsletter

May 15th – May 19th

Religion:  Complete Chapter 18 – The Seventh Commandment

                   Begin Chapter 19 –  The Eighth Commandment


Reading:  Continue reading The Lemonade War   No Test This Week


English:   Test on Chapter 6: Adverbs on Tuesday


Spelling:  Words with ear, ir, our, and ur

return, courage, surface, heard, purpose, first, turkey, early, turtle, birthday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey


Math:  Investigation #11: Volume, Lessons 112-115    No Test

**Reducing Fractions         **Multiplying a 3-digit # by a 2-digit #        **Simplifying Fraction Answers **Renaming Fractions


WV History:  Chapter 3 Test on Friday


Science:    Begin our Physics Unit – Investigating Electricity  No Test This Week

**Sources of Electricity     **Static and Current Electricity     **Open and Closed Circuits     **Conductors and Insulators


Wed., May 17th – $2.00  Dress Down Day

                                Pizza Lunch in the Room due to 5th Grade Parent Lunch (Pack lunch if you do not                                       want the pizza)



May 15th – May 19th2023-05-12T16:07:27-04:00

May 8th – May12th

4th Grade Newsletter

May 8th – May 12th

Religion:  Chapter 18:  The Seventh Commandment    Test on Wednesday

Begin Chapter 19:  The Eighth Commandment


Reading:  The Lemonade War   No Test This Week

Comprehension Activities in Class


English:  Adverbs and Conjunctions     Test on Friday May 12th

**Using ‘Good vs. Well;  Negative words

**Coordinating Conjunctions


Spelling:    Test on Friday

business, cheapest, competition, economics, expensive, franchise, global, lemonade, loss, management, profit, underselling, venture, negotiation, rivalry, crisis, joint, slump, inflation, location

Math:  Lessons 109 – 110    Test on Thursday

**Equivalent Fractions       **Dividing by Multiples of 10

**Investigation #11:  Volume


West Virginia History:  Chapter 3:  Early West Virginia   No Test This Week


Science:   Continue Our Energy Unit    Test on Thursday

**Identifying Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources



Mon., May 8th:  Kanawha Co. Public Library Field Trip


May 8th – May12th2023-05-04T12:59:35-04:00

May 1st – May 5th

May 1st – May 5th

4th Grade Newsletter

Religion:  Begin Chapter 18 – The Seventh Commandment

       **The 10 Commandments Written Test on May 19th


Reading:  Finish Shiloh Chapters 11-15

      **End-of-Book Comprehension Test on Thursday and Vocabulary Test on Friday


English:  Adverbs  Lessons 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5    No Test This Week

     **Adverbs of Manner (How)     **Adverbs that Compare     **Good vs. Well     **Negative Words


Spelling:  Latin Roots     Test on Friday

dictionary, verdict, dictate, contradict, abrupt, locate, location, rupture, predict, portable, erupt, interrupt, import, transport, passport, disrupt, locally, bankrupt, export, dislocate


Math:  Lessons 106-108   Test on Tuesday

     **Evaluating Expressions     **Adding /Subtracting Fractions with Common Denominators

     **Formulas     **The Distributive Property


Science:  Continue with Our Energy Unit     No Test This Week

**Describing Heat     **Describing the Transfer of Heat by Radiation, Conduction, and Convection

**Identifying Good Conductors and Insulators of Heat

**Identifying Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources


WV History:  Chapter 2    Test on Wednesday, May 3rd



Wed., May 3rd – Dress Down Day for Students

Fri., May 5th – Progress Reports Go Home

May 1st – May 5th2023-04-28T16:16:16-04:00

April 24th – April 28th

4th Grade Newsletter

April 24th – April 28th

Religion:  ARK Test on Monday

                   Chapter 24

Reading:  Shiloh Chapters 6-10    Vocabulary/Comprehension Test Friday, May 5th.

                   In-Class Comprehension Activities 

English:  Adverbs:  Lessons 6.1-6.3    No Test

                 **Adverbs for Time and Place(When and Where)

                 **Adverbs for Manner(How)

                 **Adverbs that Compare

Spelling:  4A -Test this week will be from last week’s words  (See 4/17 – 4/21 newsletter)

                  4B – Test on Friday on the following words:

groveling, cringe, abandoned, mistreated, haul, nudge, feeble, tense, unfasten, clatter, humble, suspicious, envy, blister, remedy, crouches, thrust, pestering, warble, quarrel

Math:  Lessons 102 – 104   No Test

               **  Tenths and Hundredths on a Number Line

               **  Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Equal to Half

              **  Changing Improper Fractions to Whole or Mixed Numbers

WV History:  Finish Chapter 2      Test on May 2nd

            **Oral Interview Due on April 28th

Science:  Continue Energy Unit (Part 2)       No Test

            ** Celebrate Earth Day         **Describe How Earth’s Rotation Creates Shadows

            **Describe Refraction of Light Waves             

             **Describing Heat and How Heat is Transferred Through Radiation and Conduction


**Please send any Used Magazines or Yarn to school.  Thank you for your help.

Monday, April 24th – Turn in  2 Permission Slips that were in the Friday Folders (Due on Friday)

Friday, April 28th – End of Grades for Progress Reports


April 24th – April 28th2023-04-26T08:08:05-04:00

April 17th -April 21st

4th Grade Newsletter

April 17th – April 21st

Religion –  Chapter 25: We Are the Church

Reading – Begin reading Shiloh     

                   In-class reading comprehension activities

English – Begin Compare and Contrast Essay     No Test


Spelling –    Test on Friday

scolding, impatient, disappointed complain, native, thumping, gradually, nibble, maze, ashamed, bawl, snarl, wince, tremble, stethoscope, enthusiasm, allergic, rehearse, fierce, antibiotics


Math – Lessons 100-101  Test on Wednesday

      **Tables and Schedules          **Tenths and Hundredths on a Number Line

     **  Fractions Equal to 1 and Fractions Equal to 1/2


West Virginia Studies–  Chapter 2: The Land of West Virginia       No Test

                                            **Oral Interview Due April 28th


Science- Continue our Energy Unit(Part 2)    No Test   

      **Describing Radiant Energy         

      **Describing Visible Light (Observing How Light Waves Are Reflected)

      **Identifying Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent



**MAP Testing is this week for 4th Grade

**As we are able to wear shorts following Spring Break, please make sure they are knee length

Wed., April 19th – Parent Lunch 12:20



April 17th -April 21st2023-04-18T07:10:13-04:00

April 3rd – April 7th

4th Grade Newsletter

April 3rd – April 7th

Religion – Holy Week Activities    No Test


Reading – Story: Cliff Hanger    Test on Thursday

                   Skill:  Character, Plot, and Theme

                   Vocab:  coil, descent, foresaw, rappel, ridge, shaft, trekked, void


EnglishTest on Lessons 5.6 – 5.11 on Tuesday

                **Subject/Verb Agreement


Spelling –   Greek Word Parts       Test on Thursday

telephone, biography, telescope, photograph, microwave, diameter, barometer, microscope, headphones, microphone, autograph, microchip, telegraph, perimeter, paragraph, phonics, symphony, saxophone, periscope, megaphone


Math – Lessons 97 – 100     No Test

**Mean, Median, Range, and Mode

**Geometric Solids     **Constructing Both Prisms and Pyramids


Social Studies –  WV History Chapter 1 Test on Wednesday


ScienceTest on our Energy Unit (Part 1) Thursday

    **Characteristics of Sound Energy     **Describing How Musical Instruments Produce Sounds

    **Comparing the Pitch of Sounds



**This week is a dress down week for students**

Wed., April 5th – 8:15 Mass  (Follow Friday’s Schedule)

Fri., April 7th – No School:  Good Friday


April 3rd – April 7th2023-03-30T15:50:26-04:00

March 27th – March 31st

4th Grade Newsletter

March 27th – March 31st

Religion – Stations of the Cross:  No Test


Reading – Story:  Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphics

                  Skills:  Graphic Sources; Predicting          Test on Thursday

                  Vocab:  ancient, link, scholars, seeker, temple, translate, triumph, uncover


English – Lessons 5.9, 5.10, & 5.11   No Test

                  **Present, Past, and Future Tenses


Spelling – Consonants /j/, /ks/,  & /kw/       Test on Friday

village, except, explain, quick, charge, bridge, knowledge, question, equal, queen, excited, expect, Texas, fudge, excellent, exercise, quart, liquid, quilt, expert


Math –  Lessons 94-96     Test on Thursday

     **Two-Step Word Problems    **Average


Social Studies – Continue Chapter 1 in WV History      No Test


Science – Continue our Unit on Energy        No Test

     **Describing and Observing Both Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

     **Observing the Conversion of Energy

     **Identifying the Characteristics of Sound


Tuesday, March 28th – Stations of the Cross

 Thursday, March 30th- Reconciliation

Friday, March 31st – Popcorn Day (No Money Needed)

March 27th – March 31st2023-03-24T12:24:52-04:00

March 20th – 24th

4th Grade News

March 20th – March 24th

Religion –   Station of the Cross Activities

Reading-   Story: Navajo Code Talkers     Test on Thursday

                    Skills:  Sequence; Important Ideas

               Vocab:  advance, developed, exhausting, headquarters, impossible, intense, messages, reveal

English–   Continue Chapter 5: Verbs    Lessons 5.6-5.11

   **Principal Parts of Verbs (Present, Present Participle, Past, Past Participle)

                     **Irregular Verbs               **Simple Past, Present, and Future Tenses

Spelling-   Digraph /sh/      Test on Friday

nation, special, lotion, mansion, precious, creation, vacation, tension, especially, motion, tradition, gracious, extension, addition, caution, official, solution, suspension, politician, portion

Math– Investigation #9 & Lessons 91 – 94

     **Decimal Place Value                  **Classifying Quadrilaterals         **Two-Step Word Problems

     **Estimating Multiplication and Division Answers                 

Social Studies – Begin West Virginia History –  Chapter 1

Science-  Test on Ecology Part 2 on Tuesday

Begin Our Physics Unit

**Describe Energy

**Describing Kinetic Energy and Comparing Kinetic Energy of Objects



Book Fair Week **Students may bring money and shop during their Reading Center time.

Mon. March 20th – Dress Down Day 1st Day of Spring  (No Shorts Until After Spring Break)

Wed., March 22nd – Pizza Lunch in the Classroom for 4th (Pack a lunch if you do not want pizza)

Fri. March 24th– Report Cards Go Home

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