1st Grade

March 1-5

Read Dr. Seuss books this week!

Remember Hat Day on Tuesday!!

Practice rhyming words!

Read every night.

Practice counting money (pennies, nickels, and dimes).

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Feb. 22-26

Study addition and subtraction flash cards.

Tell time to the hour and half hour.

Read orally and practice sight words.

Fill out the 40 Days of Lent sheet.  (Pray, fast, almsgiving).

Enjoy the snow-and look for animal footprints and habitats!

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Feb. 15-19

Study sight words.

Review addition and subtraction facts.

Tell time to the hour and half hour.

Study spelling words every night.

Read orally every night.

Practice adding money together!

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Feb. 8-12

Study sight words and read every night!

Review math flashcards-addition and subtraction.

Practice adding pennies, nickels, and dimes together.

Look for animals in their habitats.

Work on your Valentines!

Look for God’s love in nature!

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Feb. 1-5

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Please send in money for “Pennies for People”.

Please send in donations for the Animal Shelter.

Read with your child every night.

Review addition and subtraction flashcards.

Observe animals in their habitats.


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Jan. 25-29

Observe forests!

Look for patterns in nature.

Read every night and practice sight words.

Review addition/subtraction flash cards.

Look for wild animal habitats!

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Jan. 18-22

Please read orally every day.

Practice sight words.

Rev. telling time.

Practice counting pennies, nickels, and dimes!

Observe patterns in nature.

On sunny days-make shadows!

Practice writing last name.

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Jan. 11-15

Study all sight words.

Review ending punctuation marks-periods, exclamation marks, and question marks.

Practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

Practice math flash cards.

Read orally every day!

Observe the changes in weather!

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Dec. 14-18

Review sight words.

Read orally every night.

Practice addition/subtraction flash cards.

Tell time to the hour.

Look for Patterns.

Live virtual learning-begins at 9:05 on Monday!

Thanks for all the Clay County Food!

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Dec. 7-11

Practice sight words.

Rev. flash cards. (+-)

Story -“A Big Fish for Max!”

Rev. digraphs sh, th, and ch.

Practice telling time to the hour.

Who Stocking-due Dec. 11!

Dress down days-Dec. 7 and Dec. 9!

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