Kindergarten 1

November 11th-15th

K1 News

November 11th– November 15th

Star of the Week: Paige Renner


Letter of the Week: Ff

Words of the Week:  he, for (Continue practicing all words in the bag)

Story:  A Bed for Winter

Amazing Words:  nest, stump, hive, meadow, tree trunk, den

**Other Adjectives



**Identifying an AB and ABB Patterns; Copying Patterns

**Comparing objects by weight

**Exploring a geoboard


Monday: No School; Veterans Day

Tuesday: Art; Homework- Practice Writing Ff’s, Read a book, and Practice your word bag

Wednesday:  Computer

Thursday:  Gym; Homework: Math Practice Sheet 10’s

Make-up Picture Day

Friday:  Music

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November 4th-8th

K1 News

November 4th– November 8th

Star of the Week: Scarlett King


Letter of the Week: Ss

Words of the Week: we, like, and my (Continue practicing all words in the bag)

Amazing words: sleep, cave, storm, winter, woods, blustery

Story:  Bear Snores On

**Realism and fantasy

**Adjectives for sizes, colors, shapes, and numbers



**Writing and Ordering Money amounts to 10 cents

**Paying for Items to 10 cents Using Pennies

**Comparing Objects by Weight(Mass)

**Solving Problems by Acting Them Out and Drawing a Picture

**Copying Patterns


Monday: Reading Center

Tuesday: Art; Homework- Practice Writing S’s, Read book and word list, Study Sight Word Bag

$2.00 Clay County Dress Down Day

Wednesday:  Computer; Birthday Lunch

Thursday:  No School for Students:  Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday:  Music

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