Physical Education 5/4

Happy Monday!  Your choice to do 3 rounds 9f 15 Jumping Jacks, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups. Or watch this video.

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Physical Education 5/1.

Fitness Friday-  balance on one foot take your shoe off take it around your leg, waist and head, put your shoe back on, tie it and do the same with the other foot.   Balancing  on one foot!

Enjoy your weekend!

send me pics


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Physical Education 4/29

Happy Wednesday!  I’m sorry it’s a Rainy day!  I hope you enjoy the Harry Potter workout.


Amy Mullen

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Physical Education 4/28

Taco Tuesday!  To follow the theme let’s all go noodle Macarena or you can do 3 rounds of  10 burpees, 10 lunges, 10 pushups and 10 I’m a Stars, but substitute I love Tacos! Instead of stars!

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Physical Education 4/27

Happy Spirit day!  Today we are going to spell Sacred Heart for fitness.  I have included the fitness Key below.

s=20 jumping lunge, a= 10 burpees, c=20 squats, r=45 sec plank, e= 20 mnt climbers, d=10 pushups.  H=30 bicycle sit-up, e= 20 mnt climbers, a=10 burpees, r= 45 sec plank, t= tricep dips.

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Physical Education 4/24

Happy Friday!
I know the weather isn’t great but it should be better in the afternoon.  Go for a walk and feel free to share pictures of things you might see.  I hope you all have great weekend.


Amy Mullen

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Physical Education 4/22

Hump day!

Thank you for all the pictures,  I love getting to see everyone.

I’m  including  a yoga video, choose between watching the video or doing 3 rounds of : 10 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, all the way up and down, 10 sit ups.

I miss seeing everyone!

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Physical Education 4/21

Taco Tuesday!!  My favorite day.

Ride your bike for 20 minutes or shoot your basketball 50 times or juggle a soccer ball for 20 minutes.  Anything to get outside.  Here is also an Avenger Video you night enjoy.

Thank you for the pictures and emails.  I love getting to see the kids.

Amy Mullen


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