Dec. 7-18

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a restful and festive thanksgiving holiday.  For the next two weeks we will be focused on the Christmas season.  Lots of fun crafts,  songs and stories all centered around the Christmas season.

We will be working like Santa’s little elves on ornaments and Christmas gifts for all of our loved ones. We will talk about the colors red and green and shapes like a circle, square, triangle and star.

We are using jingle bells for music and practicing songs like; Jingle Bells, Ring Those Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

We are starting a Kindness Chain today, when someone is caught showing kindness we will add a link to to our chain and when it reaches the floor we will celebrate with a Donut Party.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!! Stay safe and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out through email or text.

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November 9-13

This week our theme is Down on the Farm

We will paint a Big Red Barn just like Margret Wise Browns in her story after the same name  and talk about the color red.  We will make some chickens from paper plates to play with in our Dramatic play area.  We will give the farm yard animals a bath just like Mrs. Wishy Washy.  We have a big barn and lots of animals to pretend play with on our train table and we will compare the sizes of large, medium and small ducks on a pond.  Music will be full of fun songs like Old Mac Donald and Bingo.  We will be reading great stories like The Big Red Barn and Mrs. Wishy Washy and Little Blue Truck.

Self Help:  With Christmas right around the corner now is a great time to start working on cleaning up before you move on to something new, cleaning up toys and taking care of our toys.



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November 2-6

Leaves and Autumn

So sorry we didn’t get our class page updated for Halloween! We had a fun filled week of Jack-o-lantern’s and Big Green Scary Monster’s.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Trick or Treat on Saturday.

This week we will be talking about leaves and the season of fall.  We will do a beautiful fall leaf watercolor in art and collect different leaves to bring in for a show and tell.  We will go over the colors; red, orange, yellow and brown.  We have a leaf raking station at the train table and will practice our cutting skills on leaves in the sensory bins.  We will read The Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger along with a few other favorites.

Self Help :  It is already cooling down outside so jackets are a must.  Work on putting your jacket on by yourself and practice using the zipper or buttons on your own will be a big help.

Enjoy this book by Lois Ehlert, The Leaf Man

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October 19-23


This week we will learn about all things pumpkin.  Where pumpkins come from and the life cycle of a pumpkin.  The color orange and counting to 5 and 10.  In art we will mix the colors red and yellow to make orange and paint a pumpkin for our pumpkin patch. We will cut open a pumpkin and explore the different parts with our senses on Friday and turn it into a Jack-O-Lantern.  Another great book by Zoe Hall, It’s Pumpkin Time! We will sing ring around the pumpkin and dance with the magic scarf this week.

Important Dates and Information:

Please send in a small pumpkin pie size pumpkin with your child some time this week.  We will be using them either this week or next to decorate for Halloween.

October 29th will be our virtual Costume Halloween parade and class party.

Self Help Skill:  This week try to give your child a task or to play on their own for 5-10 min before moving on to something else.  It can be playing with blocks, coloring at the table or reading a book. Setting a timer may be a big help for them.

Have a wonderful week and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy this great book by Zoe Hall!!


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October 12-16

This week is all about apples, apples and more apples!

We will put our 5 senses to work this week learning about all things apple.  Our class will make a basket full of apples in the art center and talk about the colors red, green, and yellow.  In blocks we will learn about apple orchards and how apples get to the grocery  store.  We will be baking apple pies in the kitchen and following a three step recipe.  On Friday we will work through a recipe for applesauce and  then taste our product at lunch.  Tons of fun books like Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson and The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall.

Important Information and Dates to Remember:

Please send in three apples by Thursday for our applesauce on Friday. One red, one yellow and one green.  Thank you for your help with this classroom project.

October 15th will be Picture Day for Tiny Hearts.

October 29th will be our Virtual Halloween parade and Classroom party

Self Help Skill: Please continue to work on using our words to express our wants and needs.  Practice at home with your child taking turns and asking them to wait until you finish before they get a turn.

Have a great week and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns

One of my favorite apple books to share with your children at home.



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Oct 5-9

Last week was a fun week, we talked about our friendships and what a good friend looks like. We also played a lot of games where we learned to label our feelings.  We had a lot of fun putting together and watching our Open House video.

This week we will be focused on our 5 senses, each day we will take a look at one of them. We will explore the world around us with our nose, eyes, ears, hands, and by tasting.  Our books will be Listening Walk by Paul Showers and My 5 Senses by Aliki along with Bill Martins Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Along with lots of music and movement to some of our favorite songs about the body parts we use with our senses.

Important Dates:  October 29th we will have our Halloween party and a virtual Costume Parade at 9:00am.  I will also set up a short zoom for just our class parents.  I will be emailing the link.

Self Help: This week let’s work on using words to express our needs and wants.  This is a great time to practice because last week we learned new vocabulary to help us with this practice.

Please remember you are welcome to contact me at any time through Remind or my school email at

This is one of my favorite books about our 5 senses.

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September 28-Oct 2

Last week was a fun week exploring what our families look like. How they are the same and how they are different.  It was a wonderful time learning about all the important people in your child’s life.  We had a practice fire drill and they did a fantastic job!

Friends and Feelings

This week we will take a look at friendship and feelings/emotions.  It will empower your children with words to label how they are feeling and ways to care for their friends. I love this unit of play!!  We will read stories of friendship like Rainbow Fish and stories about emotions like  My many colored days by Dr. Seuss.   We will identify with the first letter of our name and paint our outline to look like us.

Important Dates:

Wednesday September 30th Virtual Open House/ Back to School Night. (I will text on Remind where our video will be posted) Please remember this video is only for the families in our classroom, we ask that you refrain from reposting or sharing to any social media.

Self Help: Following one or two step instructions.  Ex. Please put your book away and put your pj’s on. 

Here is a book about Friendship you can share with your child at home.

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September 21-25

Family & Me

We are off to a great start this year! Now that we have practiced our classroom routines, we are ready for our first theme of play and learning.  We will be talking about our families this week; what they look like, where we live and what we do.

The children will be exploring their families through art with a house collage. We will also find out how our world fits into the world of STEM while building a home with popsicle sticks and small blocks or counting and sorting family counters into matching homes.

They will practice and role play adult jobs like bathing the baby or making dinner in our dramatic play area.

Lots of fun music and movement about families and some of our favorite family books will be shared. I have included some of them below so you can share them again at home.

Self Help:  Please keep practicing the stairs.  Several of our friends are exploring shoes and socks so now would be a great time to start working on independently putting on and taking off shoes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

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September 14-18

Our first full week of school has been going so well. We are quickly adjusting to our routines and having a wonderful time playing with friends.

This week we will continue to work on routines and centers.  Specials start this week for the Reading Center, Gym and Music.

Looking ahead to next week, we will start our first themed unit on My Family & Me.  We are already getting to know each other by sharing our “Family Circle” for our classroom tree.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed telling us about mom, dad and other people and pets they love.

We are working on a finger play called “5 Little Ladybugs” and counting to 5.

We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle and lots of other favorites.

Self Help: Continue to work on walking up and down stairs, holding the rail or the wall, independently.

Please feel free to text through Remind or email @ if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks have a great week!


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September 9-11 2020

Welcome to the Tiny Hearts classroom page. This page will provide you with information about the upcoming week in our class. I hope everyone enjoyed your visit during Orientation, it was so nice to meet you all!
Wednesday September 10, 2020 will be a half day.
Alley Drive thru arrival time for Tiny Hearts 8:15-8:30
Alley Drive thru dismissal time for Tiny Hearts 11:00-11:15
Thursday September 11, 2020 will be a half day.
Alley Drive thru arrival time for Tiny Hearts 8:15-8:30
Alley Drive thru dismissal time for Tiny Hearts 11:00-11:15
Friday September 11, 2020 will be our first FULL DAY
Alley Drive thru arrival time for Tiny Hearts 8:15-8:30
Alley Drive thru dismissal time for Tiny Hearts 2:10-2:30

Each morning you will receive a text from the school for temperature check and health screening. This will need to be completed before you come to school.
When you arrive, we will unbuckle and help your child into school where we will take their temperature. Each child is required to come to school in a mask.
Please go over with your children what the morning routine will look like before you come to school. This will help them adjust to the idea before they are asked to follow these procedures.
Now on to the fun stuff!! I am so excited to get to know your children. We are going to have a great time this week exploring our classroom and the playground. They will make new friends and get to see some old ones. This week will be all about getting to know our routines and what our day will look like. We will read Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? By Bill Martin and Pete the Cats School Shoes by James Dean. We will also share our Family Tree Circle as they come in from home.
Please turn in the paperwork sent with your orientation letter if you have not done so already. Supplies can be dropped off with your child any day this week and we will need all things on your student check list to be taken care of before Friday.
We are going have a great week! Take a moment to dance and remember any questions you have you can email me at or text thru Remind.


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