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February 17th – February 21st


Letter of the Week: Jj

Words of the Week:  one, two, three, four, and five (Continue practicing all words in the bag)

Story:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Amazing Words: bears, cottage, middle-sized, porridge, big, small

**More words for shapes

**Meaningful groups of Words- Sentences

*Writing sentences with consonant blends


**Solving word problems by drawing a picture

** Making an ABBC Pattern

** Dividing by Sharing; Comparing numbers through 10

**Identifying Right and Left



Feb. 17th, Mon.- No School/Presidents Day

Feb. 18th, Tues.- Art; Homework(Practice Jj’s, Read book and word list, Word Bag)

Feb. 19th, Wed.- Computer

Feb. 20th, Thurs.- Gym; Practice the # 20

Feb. 21st, Fri.- French; Music