4th Grade News

February 20th – February 24th


Religion-  Parts of Mass Test on Wed.

                   Begin Chapter 20: Lent


Reading –  We will be reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”  by Judy Blume

Vocab and Comprehension Test on Friday


English- Continue working on Adjectives and Poetry

**Fewer, Fewest; Less, Least                 **Position of the Adjective(Subject or Subject Complement)


Spelling–      Test on Friday

pineapple, beckoned, announce, brilliant, certainly, commercial, committee, pretend, hesitate, dictionary, adorable, appointment, embarrassed, because, pollution, surrounded, funnier,  probably, children, absolutely


Math– Lesson 80       Test on Thursday

**Division with Zeros in 3-Digit Answers

**Investigation #8  Analyzing and Graphing Information


Science-     Test on Ecology: Part 1 on Thursday

**Begin Studying Inherited Physical Characteristics of Plants and Animals


Social Studies– Begin Chapter 10:  The Southwest

Reminders & Notes

Mon., Feb. 20th – No School-Presidents’ Day

Tues., Feb. 21st – Mardi Gras & Dress Down Day (Mardi Gras Colors)

Wed., Feb. 22nd – Ash Wednesday Mass

**It is that time of year again.  A few of our classroom supplies are running low.  We are in need of glue sticks at this time and will let you know when other needs arise.

**Check with your child if their folders are still in good condition(English, SS, and Science).  If not, it may be time to replace them.  Also, ask them if they are in need of a highlighter or scissors.

**Mechanical pencils are no longer permitted to be used in school.  They will be sent home this week.  Please send in regular #2 pencils to school with your child for the remainder of the year.  Thank you!