4th Grade News

February 27th – March 3rd

Religion – Chapter  15:  The Fourth Commandment

Reading – Complete “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”     Vocab and Comprehension Test on Thursday

English – Complete Adjectives: Part 2  Lessons 4.6-4.11     Test on Thursday

Spelling – Compound Words

watermelon, homemade, understand, sometimes, shoelace, highway, upstairs, thunderstorm, shortcut, doorbell, jellyfish, touchdown, campfire, skateboard, anyway, fireworks, haircut, loudspeaker, laptop, flashlight

Math –  Lessons 81-85

**Angle Measures                 **Tessellations                            **Sales Tax

**Decimal Numbers to Thousands             **Multiplying by 10, 100, and 1000

Social Studies –   Chapter 10 Test Wed.  

**Begin Chapter 12:  The West

**States and Capitals:  The West  Test March 17th


Thurs., March 2nd– Dr. Seuss Day Dress Down  (See e-mail from Mrs. Davis for guidelines)

** DEAR(Drop Everything and Read)