4th Grade News

February 6th – February 10th


Religion – Chapter 12:  Strengthened by the Eucharist       Open Book Test on Friday


Reading:  Story:  How Night Came from the Sea                  Test on Thursday

                   Skills:  Generalizations & Visualize

                   Vocab:  brilliant, chorus, coward, gleamed, shimmering


English:   Test on Adjectives (Part 1)Lessons 4.1-4.6 on Tuesday

                   Lessons 4.7 – 4.8  **Adjectives that Compare


Spelling:  Vowel Sound in “shout”

however, mountain, mound, scout, shout, couch, towel, ounce, coward, outdoors, flowerpot, scowl, browse, announce, hound, trout, drowsy, grouch, eyebrow, boundary


Math:  Lessons 71-75

**Division Answers Ending in Zero        **Finding Information to Solve Problems

**Geometric Transformations                  **Fraction of a Set                     **Measuring Turns


Social Studies:  Chapter 8:  The Midwest               Test on Friday


Science: Begin Our Unit on Ecosystems

**Identifying Characteristics of Ecosystems                   **Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers

**Identifying Producers and Consumers in a Food Chain


Mon., Feb. 6th – Please bring in an empty cereal box to school to decorate for our Valentine                                                     exchange.  Boxes are due Wednesday, Feb. 8th.