Ms. Inghram,  Mrs. Olian,   Mrs. Gilmore               

E-learning days this whole week.

Live on-line classes start promptly at 9:00 a.m. each day.  Please check with your child that the camera and microphone on their device for on-line classes is working.


23 Google Search Tips You'll Want to Learn.


*****When checking for the results of your child’s  work, look in their student school email. Click on the email from the teacher that shows the released paper. When it comes up, it will show their score. You will see the word “view” in small print. Click on it. It will bring their paper up with comments.

Click on the link below to watch a short video on how to maneuver around your child’s Google Classroom:


Pay close attention to when assignments are due in each class.

Also, check the specials on the day your child would attend them (the specials’ schedule is on the white schedule in the blue binder behind the yellow schedule).



Digital Citizenship - San Marcos Unified


Reading:  Story:   Mahalia Jackson

Skills:   synonyms, facts/opinions/, reading for details, generalizations, main ideas, comprehension

Vocabulary:  barber, religious, choir, slavery, released, teenager, appreciate, famous, glorious, humorous, mysterious, poisonous

Reading test – Thursday


Language Arts (English):   Continuing with chapter 8 on punctuation.
They have a study plan in their reading poly pocket in their everything binders. As always, the students should study
the newly learned skill from that day and then review past lessons of the
chapter we are working on.  This is a good study skill to help them be ready for graded assignments, quizzes, and the chapter test.


 Spelling Word List –  One Consonant or Two?     The test will be on Friday.

  • address
  • collar
  • mirror
  • recess
  • committee
  • collect
  • Mississippi
  • immediate
  • command
  • appreciate
  • announce
  • possess
  • Tennessee
  • gallop
  • opponent
  • barricade
  • broccoli
  • accomplish
  • allowance
  • zucchini


Math: Lesson 57, etc

Review of perimeter of rectangles and regular polygons using formulas; 3 digit multiplication; memorize fraction to percentage


Social Studies: Test Chapter 4 Lesson 1 and 2 Thursday


Science:  We will continue with Lesson 1 focusing on the Periodic Table, learning how to read and interpret information.

We will be creating Bohr models of atoms and compounds.   Quiz date is to be determined by our progress.


Religion:  Chapter 12  Living as Prayerful People

We will be working our way through the 5 kinds of prayer, creating examples, through the week.

Quiz date will depend on time, possibly at the end of the week.




Homeschooling Large Family Style: Homeschool Convention Notes - Day 2

As you shop,  please continue to look for  some alcohol based (60% or higher) hand sanitizer in pump bottles, disposable gloves (large), and Lysol disinfectant spray to send in for our classrooms.  Thank you!