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23 Google Search Tips You'll Want to Learn               


*****When checking for the results of your child’s  work, look in their student school email. Click on the email from the teacher that shows the released paper. When it comes up, it will show their score. You will see the word “view” in small print. Click on it. It will bring their paper up with comments.

Click on the link below to watch a short video on how to maneuver around your child’s Google Classroom:

Pay close attention to when assignments are due in each class.

Also, check the specials on the day your child would attend them (the specials’ schedule is on the white schedule in the blue binder behind the yellow schedule).



Digital Citizenship - San Marcos Unified


Reading: We will continue with the novel called The Watsons Go to Birmingham.

Vocabulary:  Check in their reading poly pockets daily for new vocabulary and comprehension questions to study each day.

Vocabulary and comprehension test for chapters 13-15 –  Friday.


Language Arts (English):   Sentence and paragraph structures.


 Spelling Word List –      Words that correspond to chapters 13-15 in the novel.         The test will be on Friday

  • couple
  • normally
  • adventure
  • breathing
  • underneath
  • wrapped
  • cereal
  • neighborhood
  • horrible
  • concrete
  • serious
  • imitating
  • nonsense
  • hospital
  • dollars
  • disgusting
  • threatened
  • patient
  • believe
  • quietly


Math: Lesson 77, etc.


Social Studies: Finish Lesson 5 Chapter 2

Test on Chapter 5 Lesson 1 and 2 probable at the end of the week.


Science:   Chapter 16 Electricity.  This chapter requires daily study of notes given.

Quiz on Lesson 1 on Friday.


Religion:  Chapter 16 Celebrating Reconciliation.   Daily study of notes will help know the material.

Quiz on Chapter 16 on Thursday.





Homeschooling Large Family Style: Homeschool Convention Notes - Day 2

As you shop,  please continue to look for  some alcohol based (60% or higher) hand sanitizer in pump bottles, disposable gloves (large), and Lysol disinfectant spray to send in for our classrooms.  Thank you!