Helen Inghram   hinghram@sacredheartgradeschool.org

   Janine Olian   jolian@sacredheartgradeschool.org

Monday:  1. 5th Grade Mass 8:00.  Please be here at 7:45.

2.  Friday Schedule

Wednesday:  1.  November Dress Down

2.  12:00 Dismissal 5th Grade only.  Parent-Teacher Conferences

3.  No Study Lab

Thursday:  1.  Parent-Teacher Conferences  No School

2.  No Math Lab

Friday:   Monday Schedule

Religion:  Chapter 9 Celebrating Confirmation 

Science:  Lesson 2 Types of Plants and Plant Parts

Lab and Lesson 2 test early week of November 8

English:  Continuing Pronouns.  No test this week.

Math: Wednesday – Test Lessons 1-25

Social Studies: Lesson 2 Pioneers on the Plains   test – early next week on Lessons 1 and 2

Reading: Supplemental Reading, Dictionary skills – no test this week

Spelling: their, they’re, there, polygon, quadrilateral, telegraph, pioneer, technology, parallel, perpendicular, acute, obtuse, right, write, fraction, percentage, straight, triangle, pentagon, freedom -no worksheet this week. Test on Friday