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All Clay County food donations in by Dec. 1.  Thank you so much for your generosity!


Religion:  Chapter 13 Celebrating the Eucharist

Test Wednesday, December 8

Science:  Chapter 4 Lesson 2  How Characteristics Are Inherited

Test Tuesday, December 7

English:  Section 3 Adjectives

Math: Wednesday – test lessons 1-35

Social Studies: Chapter 4 Lesson 1 

Inventors Change the World

Reading: Leonardo’s Horse – Test on Friday

Spelling: waterproof, courthouse, lightweight, tablespoon, teaspoon, earthquake, fishhook, greenhouse, grasshopper. rowboat, spotlight, postcard, homesick, scrapbook, blindfold, hummingbird, barefoot, countryside, whirlpool, thumbtack

Words are sent home the Friday before the test. Worksheet containing spelling words is due the following Tuesday and returned to students on Wednesday.    Test on Thursday.