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Clay County lists came home Friday, November 5.  Donations due by Wednesday, December 1.

Wednesday:  Make-up or retake picture day

Thursday:  Veteran’s Day  No School

Religion:  Friday – test on Chapter 9 Celebrating Confirmation

Science:  Tuesday – test on Chapter 3 Lesson 2 only

Wednesday – lab test on parts of plants, flowers, and seeds

English:  Pronouns Lessons 2.5 – 2.7

Math: Lessons 42, etc

Social Studies: Tuesday – test Lessons 1 and 2

Reading: The Midnight Ride test – Friday

Spelling: danger, eager, locker, rumor, wander, eraser, helicopter, glimmer, tractor, surrender, pillar, linger, dollar, solar, refrigerator, sensor, harbor, sticker, caterpillar, alligator

Words are sent home the Friday before the test. Worksheet containing spelling words is due the following Tuesday and returned to students on Wednesday.    Test on Thursday.