January 14th-18th

January 14th-18th

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January 14th—January 18th

Star of the Week: Bethany Burck


Letter of the Week: Zz

Words of the Week:  see, look (Continue practicing all words in the bag)

Story:  Farfallina and Marcel

**Review Character; Plot

**Verbs that add –s(present); -ed(past); and “will”( future)

**Words for feelings


**Identifying full, Half-full, and Empty in containers/ Identifying a quart container

** Covering a design in more than one way

** Using objects to represent Numbers 1-20

**Identifying a 1 Cup measuring cup;  Following a Recipe

**Solving a problem by acting it out and drawing a picture


Jan. 14th-Monday: Reading Center (Please don’t forget to bring your books back)

Jan. 15th-Tuesday: Art; Homework- Practice Writing Zz’s, Read a book, and Practice your word bag

Jan 16th-Wednesday:  Computer

Jan. 17th-Thursday:  Gym; Homework: Math Practice Sheet

Jan. 18th-Friday:  Music; End of the 2nd Nine Weeks