4th Grade Newsletter

January 16th – January 20th

Religion–  Continue Chapter 10: 2nd Commandment

Reading– No Reading Story    No Test This Week

                **Students will be reading a book of their choosing.  There will be in-class activities surrounding their book.

English–  Begin Chapter 4: Adjectives

Spelling – No Test This Week 

                **We will continue to study the Midwest states and capitals.

Math– Lessons 63 – 65  No Test This Week

               **Polygons     **Division with 2-Digit Answers

Social Studies– Begin “The Midwest”

Science–  Continue Our Zoology Unit    No Test This Week

              **Identify Characteristics of Arachnids & Other Arthropods

             **  Classifying Animals According to What They Eat


Mon., Jan. 16th – No School: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tues., Jan. 17th – E-Day for Students/Teacher In-service: Complete E-day Packets/Scholastic News for Wed.

Wed., Jan. 18th – MAP Testing Tomorrow 4A 

Thurs., Jan. 19th – MAP Testing for 4A

Fri., Jan. 20th – MAP Testing for 4A and 4B