4th Grade News

March 13th – 17th


Religion –  Chapter 17:  The Sixth Commandment 


Reading – Story:  Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu              Test on Thursday

                   Skill:  Compare and Contrast;  Visualize

                   Vocab:  curiosity, glorious, granite, ruins, terraced, thickets, torrent


English – Lessons 5.5 – 5.6             Test on 5.1 – 5.5  Friday

                    **Helping Verbs                  **Verb Phrases


Spelling –  Words with Double Consonants    Test on Friday

tomorrow, borrow, different, rabbit, matter, written, bottle, ridden, odd, bubble, offer, suffer, slippers, grasshopper, worry, current, lettuce, saddle,  shudder, hobby


Math– Lessons 89-91           Test on Thursday

**Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions     **Multiplying Two 2-Digit #’s (Part 2)

**Investigation #9:  Investigation Fractions with Manipulatives


Science –  Endangered Animal Projects due on Monday 3/13

Complete Our Ecology Unit   ** Oral reports will be given Wed. – Friday


Social Studies-  Finish Chapter 12:  The West    Open Book/Notes Test on Tuesday

**States and Capitals Test on Friday  The West

                             Begin mini-unit on Ireland



Thurs., March 16th – DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)  We will be reading around the room so have a great book on hand.

Fri., March 17th – St. Patrick’s – Day  Dress Down Day

4B Mass