March 18th-22nd

March 18th-22nd

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March 18th—March 22nd


Letter of the Week: Qq

Words of the Week:  here, go, from (Continue practicing all words in the bag)

Story:  If You Could go to Antarctica

**Direction Words

**Main Idea

**Classifying and Categorizing


**Sorting and Identifying and covering designs using Tangram Pieces

** Identifying the numbers 11-30;  Matching number cards to sets of 20

** Measuring and Estimating length and width using nonstandard Units

**Exploring slides, turns, and flips

**Identifying Relationships between smaller and larger numbers; Counting forward and backward on a number line

**Identifying and counting on coins


Mar. 18th-Monday:   (Remember your Reading Center book)  Reading Center

Mar. 19th-Tuesday: Art; Homework- Practice Writing Qq’s, Read a book, and Practice your word bag

Mar. 20th-Wednesday: Computers

Mar. 21st-Thursday:  Gym; Homework: Math Practice Sheet

Mar. 22nd-Friday:  Music