4th Grade News

March 6th – March 10

Religion –  Chapter 16:  The Fifth Commandment

Social Studies – Chapter 12: The West      Note: States and Capitals Test: March 17th

Reading –    Test on Thursday

            Story:  Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander

            Skills:  Character and Plot,  Synonyms and Antonyms

            Vocab:  amphibians, crime, exhibit, lizards, reference, reptiles, salamanders, stumped

English – Begin Chapter 5:  Verbs

            **Action Verbs              **Being Verbs  & Linking Verbs

            ** Helping Verbs

Spelling – Prefixes un-, dis, and in-    Test on Friday

distrust, uncertain, incomplete, unlikely, unfair, discontinue, unaware, disorder, discount, indirect, unopened, disrespect, unimportant, unlisted, disrepair, inability, disapprove, unsolved, disobey, unsuspecting

Math – Lessons 86-88            Test Tuesday

**Multiplying Multiples of 10 and 100                     **Remainders in Word Problems About Equal Groups

**Multiplying Two 2-Digit Numbers

Science – Continue Our Ecology Unit 

Note: Endangered Animal Report and Poster Due on March 13th

**Describing Physical and Behavioral Adaptations of Plants, Predators, and Prey

**Identifying How an Adaptation Benefits an Animal


Wed., March 8th –  Dress Down Day

Fri., March 10th –  Visit by Author – Anna Smucker