4th Grade Newsletter

May 15th – May 19th

Religion:  Complete Chapter 18 – The Seventh Commandment

                   Begin Chapter 19 –  The Eighth Commandment


Reading:  Continue reading The Lemonade War   No Test This Week


English:   Test on Chapter 6: Adverbs on Tuesday


Spelling:  Words with ear, ir, our, and ur

return, courage, surface, heard, purpose, first, turkey, early, turtle, birthday, journal, courtesy, nourish, purse, furniture, search, curtain, burrow, hamburger, survey


Math:  Investigation #11: Volume, Lessons 112-115    No Test

**Reducing Fractions         **Multiplying a 3-digit # by a 2-digit #        **Simplifying Fraction Answers **Renaming Fractions


WV History:  Chapter 3 Test on Friday


Science:    Begin our Physics Unit – Investigating Electricity  No Test This Week

**Sources of Electricity     **Static and Current Electricity     **Open and Closed Circuits     **Conductors and Insulators


Wed., May 17th – $2.00  Dress Down Day

                                Pizza Lunch in the Room due to 5th Grade Parent Lunch (Pack lunch if you do not                                       want the pizza)