This month, our student artists are exploring the Blue Dog paintings of Louisiana artist George Rodrigue. In the coming weeks we will examine how his work was influenced by his youth growing up in rural Louisiana bayou culture. Students will use these examinations to discuss shape and scale and creating art that encompasses an entire visual plane. Students are already sketching and planning to create multimedia artwork that I look forward to sharing with you soon!

Second year French students are continuing their studies of the irregular verbs “avoir” and “être” and creating sentences that use either of these verbs.  French sentence structure can feel unusual to many students for a variety of reasons; but it is so encouraging to see them playing games and working together to open their minds up to new challenges!

Our studies of French culture will include the sport of tennis as well as the centuries-old theater art pantomime – don’t be alarmed if you see your children working their way out of imaginary boxes!

First year French students are continuing their basic conversational phrases and counting skills. It is wonderful to hear that so many parents are being taught to count by their young scholars. We will also be exploring French by reading some translations of classic children’s books.  It is so heartening to see the kids make the connections between English and French as we read together!