K1 News

October 14th-18th

Star of the Week:  Bennett Balenovich

Reading:  Note: Practice word lists will begin to go home with your child this week.  Please practice sounding these words out with your child each day.

Letter of the Week: Nn

Words of the Week:  have, is

Story:  Flowers

**Comparing and Contrasting

**Informational texts

Math:  **Ordering the numbers from 1-10; Counting backwards from 10-1

**Identifying ordinal position to fourth

**Identifying a missing number

**Identifying numbers 1-10


Monday: Columbus Day- No School!

Tuesday: Art; Homework- Practice Writing Nn’s, Read a book, and Practice your words

Wednesday:  Computer; Flu shot forms are due.

Thursday: Gym(Wear your gym uniform); Homework- Practice Writing 8’s

Friday:  Music;  Last day of the first nine weeks; Last Day for Uniform Shorts