First, I want to extend Sacred Heart’s most grateful appreciation to all the parents and volunteers that assisted with Gym Jam. It was a smashing success!  The day was filled with fitness and fun. We hope your children enjoyed it.

In October, we will finish up handball and learn new team work activities. As Halloween creeps closer each class will play a scary and spooky (but fun) game called Haunted House.  The game is a variation of tag. The students walk around the haunted house, which will be the indoor four-square. There will be four ghosts to protect the candy (which will be bean bags)  in the house. If a player is tagged by the ghosts the player will do three burpees prior to returning to the game. 

We will always supplement these topics with our weekly work-out routines and fun physical education games.

Please be sure to have all uniform sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece jackets labeled with your child’s name as the weather begins to turn cooler.

Preschool children please remember to wear tennis shoes on gym day.