September News

During September we will continue working on cooperative games for each class.  Our classes start with circuit training and physical fitness.  

Preschool and Kindergarten are learning spatial awareness, balance and when to stop and start. We are also working on hand eye coordination by tossing and bouncing balls. First and Second grades will continue with these same concepts but apply them in group settings with activities called Cookie Jar and Dog Catcher. Third and Fourth grades will focus on reviewing recess games, Four-square, Basco ball, and 3v3 basketball.  At the end of September, the students will be taught the game of Cooperative Handball.  


Back to school 9/3- Charleston Catholic Girls Soccer team will babysit for donations during back to school night

Gym Jam 10/2  

Rules of the Gym and Playground

Be Responsible

Wear correct shoes to gym class

Keep your hands (and feet) to yourself

Use playground and gym equipment properly

Be Respectful

Treat people how you want to be treated

Be honest, play by the rules

Do your best