READING:   The Strongest One

VOCABULARY:  dangerous, gnaws, narrator, relatives

SPELLING (digraphs):  bunch, that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape, whale, itch, chase, whiskers, switch, shrimp


ENGLISH Kinds of Sentences


MATH:  Identifying and sorting geometric shapes, story problems, fractions, dividing a square in half, symmetry, days of the week, months of the year.


SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our Government

RELIGION:  Jesus Christ Gives us the Church


Friday Tests:  math, spelling, and reading
The Saxon math tests on Fridays will reflect the homework lessons.  

2A MAP Testing will be on Monday, September 19th.
2B MAP Testing will be on Tuesday, September 20th.

2C MAP Testing will be on Wednesday, September 21st.


**  Please make sure that your child is in school on time and has eaten a good breakfast.  This testing measures your child’s learning growth for the year.
There is no way to prepare for it.  We just want to see where your child is now, so we can see his/her growth throughout the year.  Please make this a positive feeling for your child.  Thank you!