READING:   Tara and Tiree:  Fearless Friends


VOCABULARY:  brave, collar, slipped, break, family, listen


SPELLING (r-controlled vowels): part, hard, born, horse, before, more, smart, farm, porch, corn, chore, score, cardinal, therefore, morning


ENGLISH:  Asking and Exclaiming Sentences (interrogative and exclamatory)


MATH:  Time (half past the  hour), story problems, graphs, reading number words, temperature, symmetry, patterns, money (dimes, pennies), even/odd numbers, math facts


SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our Government


RELIGION:  We celebrate God’s love.

Friday Tests:  math, spelling, and reading

**Progress reports will be sent home on Friday, Sept. 30th.

**Friday is Popcorn Day!  Bring 25 cents if you want a bag of popcorn!  Yay!

**Also, if ordering from the book orders that came home in the Friday folder, please submit your online order
by Friday, September 30th.  Thank you!  Have a great week!