READING:   Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night


VOCABULARY:   drooled, lanterns, shivered, snuggled


SPELLING (blends):   stop, strap, nest, hand, brave, ask, clip, stream, mask, twin, breeze, state, browse, straight, skeleton


ENGLISH Types of Sentences


MATH: Some, some went away story problems, time (one hour ago and one hour from now), even and odd numbers, ordinal position (first,second,third, etc.), adding 2, creating and reading a repeating pattern


SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our Government


RELIGION:  Jesus is the Son of God


All tests will be on Friday.
Monday, September 5 No school (Labor Day)
Wednesday, September 7 – September Dress Down Day

It was wonderful meeting all of you at Open House Night this week!