September 16-20

September 16-20

September 16-20

Theme/Letter-Bears/B/Recognizing our names

Friday is our Teddy Bear Picnic. Please send a bear or other stuffed animal that day.

Our week:  practicing to button with our pockets like Corduroy, fingerprinting brown sandy bears, taste testing honey, making mini snowy caves for little bears to hibernate inside, and enjoying  bear stories, songs, and rhymes.

Math-Counting to 10, sequencing teddy grahams, 1-1 correspondence, patterning teddy bear counters, weighing teddy bear counters, graphing

Religion-God wants us all to be friends.

Children are playing together wonderfully and  cleaning up their centers so well after play.  They are enjoying our fun activities. We are working on communicating calmly with words and choosing green choices versus red ones, all day long.  (Red/green chart is in our classroom.)

Have a great week.  Thank you for sharing your precious children with us.