Thursday, May 21

Zoom Meeting tomorrow morning at 9:10-Following Mrs. Malinoski’s announcements!


 Reading:  20 minutes DEAR (drop everything and read) 


Journals- Write about your favorite memory or memories from First Grade.  Be sure to use some adjectives (describing words) in your writing.  We will share these journal entries tomorrow during our ZOOM meeting!  Start your sentences with an uppercase, end with and end mark and make sure they make sense.  Do your VERY BEST work.  This is our final journal entry of the year!  Draw a picture to match your words that you will share with the class!


English- Khan Academy Kids- Library- Reading- scroll down to Language and do the activity about Adjectives.


**Math- Google Classroom- Lesson 134A- need 4 index cards!


**Writing- English book pages 160 and 161- putting words into groups!


 Specials:  Reading Center: check out Mrs. Price’s page


The lessons that have ** before them, please have a grown up either scan them or take a picture of them and email them to me at by 9:00 the following morning!  If I do not have your work by 9:00 the day will count as an absence.