Wednesday, 5/20/20

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Zoom Meeting @ 10 am

Song: Letter Review – Jack Hartmann

Reading: Read a book about forest animals (or listen to this one).  What were the events?  What happened first?  What happened last?

Bear Snores On – Story For Kids

Letters & Sounds:  Make animals words.  Use letter cards or magnets to build words like bear, skunk, or bat.

Math:  Build numbers on a math mat.  Use rocks, pompoms, or pennies.  Pick a number card, count that many items, and place it on the math mat.

Fine Motor: Pretend you are a bird.  Make worms by cutting pieces of string or ribbon.  Use tweezers or tongs to pick them up and place them in a container.

Art of Sensory: Draw or paint a picture of your favorite forest animal.

STEM: Make a cave inside with blocks or outside with rocks and dirt.

Gross Motor: Let’s slither!  Get down on the ground and slither back and forth.  You can slither slowly, or you can slither quickly.

Writing (journal): Practice writing numbers 1-20 in your journal. 

Music & Movement: Walking In The Forest | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

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