Wednesday, May 20


Reading:  20 minutes DEAR (drop everything and read) 


**Writing: Antonyms: English book pages 158 and 159- review! 


**English: English Book- page 109- feeling words


**Journal- Write two sentences in your journal about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The first sentence should talk about what was your favorite part in the book.  The second sentence should tell why you liked that part.  I want to see your sentences start with an uppercase and end with an end mark.  The second sentence SHOULD NOT begin with “because”.  Please make sure you have 2 complete sentences.  Draw a picture to match your sentences.  


Religion: May is the month of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Jesus loved Mary very much.  Show your love for your mother by helping her with something around the house!


**Math- watch the lesson on google classroom. Lesson 133A- 2 sheets, 1 fact sheet, one Guided Class Practice 

Please have 4 index cards ready to go!


Specials:  French: check out Mrs. Dailey’s page


The lessons that have ** before them, please have a grown up either scan them or take a picture of them and email them to me at by 9:00 the following morning!  If I do not have your work by 9:00 the day will count as an absence.