Here’s what’s happening in fourth grade this week:
There will be no live instruction this week.  The work is in the brown envelopes.  Please do not upload anything.  Send all work back on January 4, 2021.

Monday:  E-day Learning Packet
Tuesday:  E-day Learning Packet
Wednesday:   E-day Learning Packet
Friday:  Merry Christmas!


This is an overview of the work will be doing during the week of December 21.  These plans are flexible and could change. 


Math- Division sheets on Google Classroom- bring these on January 34, 2021

Reading-Christmas Around the World- Due January 4, 2021

English- Persuasive Letter writing- Make sure this is finished and in your red folder

Spelling- No test this week

Social Studies- Christmas Around the World- when you finish, put it back in the envelope and bring it back on January 4, 2021

Science- Invertebrates Research.  Make sure you color the picture.  Bring this back with you on January 4, 2021