Parents of each child enrolled in Sacred Heart Grade School automatically become members of the PVA.  Membership dues are $40.00 per family and are paid annually in the fall when book fees are paid.

PVA parent packs are sent home in the fall.  Parent packs contain information about PVA-sponsored activities, volunteer sign-up sheets.

PVA meetings are held monthly, September through May.

Parent Volunteer Association officers and committee chairpersons meet monthly at the PVA meeting to plan volunteer help programs, parent information sessions, socials, and enrichment activities.

PVA members provide an invaluable service to the school.  Parent volunteers help with the cafeteria, library, playground, homeroom activities, field trips, etc.  The school could not exist without this involvement and support, and we are most grateful for it.

Click here for the PVA Playground Volunteers schedule