Happy Easter! I hope you all had a restful week and were able to relax and enjoy your family! For the rest of the month of April in music you will notice we will do Spring activities. These will deal with “new life” that springs forth in Spring time. For example: Caterpillars become butterflies, seeds become beautiful flowers, the trees start to bud and produce their flowers. Our sing-along song this week is about a butterfly and all the wonderful things that God’s creation give us! See if you know that title!

Preschool: Your song this week is about a baby bumblebee. It is a repeating song, but I want you to pretend like you are doing all the things the song talks about (carry the bumblebee in your hands, ouch it stings you, squish it up in your hands, wipe it away , so forth!) Have fun and join in to sing with it! **Remember music gets louder each time goes from soft- loud Music Terms: Piano and Forte! 

To make it more fun you can act it out with small stuffed toy!

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Use the following image to add together what the two note values are together. For example if it were 2 quarter notes it would 2 in the middle.

Quarter Note- 1; Half note 2, Whole Note- 4

Only do the first 6 and then check back on Wednesday for a mini lesson from Mrs. Haas on what the DOT means!

Use the Chrome Music Lab Rhythm section to create Rhythms


SONG OF THE WEEK!!! 1st-5th Grade “All the People Said Amen” is a wonderful song to sing after Easter! Look around you at your home what makes you the most happy and thankful? Listen and sing this awesome song, when you are finished snap a photo or video of something that makes you happy and thankful send to me if you like! **You can even send me a voice recording or video of you singing the refrain! This is a fun one to put your hands up for the refrain! rhaas@sacredheartgradeschool.org!

3rd- 5th Grade 

In the Chrome Music Lab there is a Spectogram. What is a spectogram you might ask? It is a way to see the waveforms of how loud a sound is and you are able to see it within that waveform by colors in this sense. You can create your own voice Spectogram and then check out different sounds and instruments. Let me know what you think. If you could record a video clip or audio clip of you trying that would be fun! https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Spectrogram/

Please if you have any questions or want to share anything with me e-mail me rhaas@sacreheartgradeschool.org

Have a wonderful first day after break back!

-Mrs. Haas