Hello and happy Singalong Wednesday! I hope you had a great time singing along to one of our favorite SHGS tunes!

Today we have plenty of Spring music selections and happiness to look forward to even when it snowed for 45 minutes on Tuesday!

Preschool: Your song today will be If I were a Butterfly: You can sing along with the one that I made for Facebook Live so you can see the motions or you can listen here to the one below that has the other verse with elephant, kangaroo, and octopus added!

Kindergarten through 2nd 

If you didn’t do the Butterfly worksheet yesterday see below. I also added a mini lesson to this page about the dotted rhythms. If you want to follow along with the lesson grab 4 cookies or some similar food or object you can split in half! Have fun!

PLEASE check the Lesson out!! —>  https://youtu.be/5GfmRMkzGjg


I’ve received some great videos so far and pictures of things that make them happy as they sing “And All the People said Amen” by Matt Maher Please continue to listen and practice!

3rd-5th Grade

Please check out the Spectogram if you haven’t gotten a chance. In the Chrome Music Lab there is a Spectogram. What is a spectogram you might ask? It is a way to see the waveforms of how loud a sound is and you are able to see it within that waveform by colors in this sense. You can create your own voice Spectogram and then check out different sounds and instruments. Let me know what you think. If you could record a video clip or audio clip of you trying that would be fun!


***The K-2 lesson is a great review if you want to check out the lesson I’ve created before hand!

As always please send me any videos or pictures of you doing your activities. rhaas@sacredheartgradeschool.org

I would love to see how much fun you are having! Have a blessed day! I miss you all!

-Mrs. Haas