Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I hope you have been enjoying your week back from break!

We are working on Spring life in Music! Butterflies, bugs, caterpillars, trees, frogs, bees, rain. You name something in Spring we might be singing, playing music about it, or dancing to it!

Preschool: 5 Little Ducks…You will need 6  stuffed toys (1 Mama duck and 5 babies!) to sing and make music with today for our song. Each time you will have to take away a baby duck at the end you will need to bring them ALL back to the mommy! Try a couple times on each time you sing through see if you can make your voice start loud and then get softer each time a duck goes away. Then at the end your voice should go back to a FORTE (LOUD) voice to end!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Go on a Musical Scavenger Hunt in your house. 5 Points for each musical item you find!

Send me a picture of all the things! (rhaas@sacredheartgradeschool.org)

3rd-5th Grade Same thing– Go on a Musical Scavenger Hunt in your house, but see if you can play one of the things you find. Try it out even if you haven’t played it in awhile! 5 Points for each item you find!


**Song of the Week: “All the People Said Amen

Check in with music by sending pictures or videos/audio clips to rhaas@sacredheartgradeschool.org

I look forward to seeing how your hunt goes!

Blessings always,

Mrs. Haas