Thrilling Thursday! After a wonderful Earth Day, provided that it was such a beautiful day we are on Thursday this week! I’ve kept the same assignment this week for all week if you are looking for some music to do the preschool lesson has changed for the day and can be for any grade!

Preschool: Let’s try creating a mini drum set in your house! Only with your parents permission can you use certain things! You can even find toys, buckets, balls, stools, you name it, that will make good sounds! What we are looking for are different sized objects in the house big, small, high pitch, low pitch! Have fun and create some music using these objects you find! Snap a photo or video of you playing if you like and send it to me!

***I have absolutely loved the creativity coming from these mini movies you have created with special music! Some music has been instrumental, some have been your favorite songs, and some music has just been music that fits what you are doing! Brilliant work! Bravo!

K-5 Students who have me on Thursday!

For this week we are going to jump into movie music! The first week of May I always talk about one of the greats, John Williams as he wrote music for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and much more! I don’t know about you, but I love to watch movies with my kids and I have gotten to enjoy quite a few since our time away. We watched the new movie “Onward,” “Frozen 2” (OF COURSE!), “Brave”, even some great TV shows like “Fancy Nancy,” “Daniel Tiger,” and “Sofia the First.”

I know all little kid shows of course, but in each of them they all have great little tunes of MUSIC! 

ASSIGNMENT –>I would like ALL of you to try. Have someone record you doing some little ordinary day thing like taking a walk, riding a bike, playing in the backyard, doing chores, or something that you really like to do! and have them record you 30 secs at the most and add your favorite song that you think would go best with your movie.

Below you will find my favorite song and your Princess singing and loving teacher singing one of her favorites since she was a little girl! This assignment can be due to me anytime this week! I will put up short exercises for the rest of the week, but this will be the MAIN ASSIGNMENT! (All grades K-5!)

Have a wonderful day! Please send any work to
All the best,
Mrs. Haas