Happy Singalong Wednesday! I hope you were able to catch the SHGS Virtual Choir this morning for leading us in song and prayer. 10,000 Reasons/Bless the Lord is a beautiful song that we can sing and thank God for all the wonderful gifts He gives us each day! Through Him we can do all things!

It’s also, favorite stuffed animal/toy day. Your challenge for music today is to put on a talent show for them or with them. Let your imagination take the stage!:) What will you sing? What will you play? Maybe you will dance?

A lot of different people help to produce and make a show. Think about the MC- the person who hosts the show and introduces the acts, the performers, the people playing in the band, and the audience! 

Have a great day boys and girls! Send me a picture or video clip if you like to share your work! rhaas@sacredheartgradeschool.org

I miss you all!

-Mrs. Haas