February 22 – 26, 2021

February News 

It is hard to believe it is the end of February.  Due to the crazy weather and several unexpected days off school, we are going to continue our My Body/Nutrition theme for one more week.  March 1 – 5 we will be celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  We will be having a variety of fun activities all week.  See the handout in folders with information about the week.   

We are Learning About: 

Theme: My Body/Nutrition 

Letter: Nn

Math skills: ordering numbers 1 – 20 counting beyond 20, counting on

Religion: Learning and Discovering

Fine motor skills: Writing name with uppercase letter at the beginning only, scissor skills

Life Skill: As we prepare for Kindergarten, we have been working on staying focused and completing tasks in a timely manner.  Packing up, completing projects, lining up, cleaning up, and putting on our coats are all tasks we have been working on completing. Practice completing tasks in a timely manner!

Dates to Remember:

  • March 1 – 5: Dr. Seuss Week – see handout in folders for details
  • March 1 – 5: SHGS Book Fair Week at Taylor Books
  • April 2nd – 9th: Easter Break

Important Information:

  • Please return clean blankets daily.
  • Return Reading Center Books on Friday.    
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Thursday, 5/21/20

Thursday, 5/21/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home! 

Song: Letter Review – Jack Hartmann

Reading: Read a book by a famous favorite illustrator like Eric Carle (or listen to this one).  How did he or she create the illustrations?

Eric Carle reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Letters & Sounds: Go outside and write letters with chalk.  Then paint with water and a paint brush.

Math: Find 5-10 different drawing and painting tools.  line them up from short to tall. 

Fine Motor: Make Salt Dough (see recipe).  The next day, paint it!

  • What you need: flour, salt, water, bowl, spoon, cookie cutters, oven, clear finish (optional)
  • How to make the dough: Mix 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 1/2 cups warm water.  If your dough is too dry, add a bit more water.
  • How to make the cookie creations: Place flour on the surface.  Roll the dough with a rolling pin and use cookie cutters to create various shapes.  Place on a cookie tray and cook in the oven on 200 degrees for 2 hours (3 hours for super thick pieces).  Let dry overnight.  Spray with a clear finish or us Mod Podge (optional). 

Art of Sensory:  Make a pointillism painting.  Use Q-tips and make a painting. 

STEM: Use a variety of supplies to create a masterpiece.  What did you create?

Gross Motor: Let’s drum!  Can you make a drum from items in your house?  Let’s keep beat on the drum.  1, 2, bang!  1, 2, bang! 

Writing (journal): Use crayons, markers, and colored pencils to create in your journal. 

Music & Movement: Play music.  Paint or draw to the tempo of the music. 

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Wednesday, 5/20/20

Wednesday, 5/20/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home!

Zoom Meeting @ 10 am

Song: Letter Review – Jack Hartmann

Reading: Read a book about forest animals (or listen to this one).  What were the events?  What happened first?  What happened last?

Bear Snores On – Story For Kids

Letters & Sounds:  Make animals words.  Use letter cards or magnets to build words like bear, skunk, or bat.

Math:  Build numbers on a math mat.  Use rocks, pompoms, or pennies.  Pick a number card, count that many items, and place it on the math mat.

Fine Motor: Pretend you are a bird.  Make worms by cutting pieces of string or ribbon.  Use tweezers or tongs to pick them up and place them in a container.

Art of Sensory: Draw or paint a picture of your favorite forest animal.

STEM: Make a cave inside with blocks or outside with rocks and dirt.

Gross Motor: Let’s slither!  Get down on the ground and slither back and forth.  You can slither slowly, or you can slither quickly.

Writing (journal): Practice writing numbers 1-20 in your journal. 

Music & Movement: Walking In The Forest | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Tuesday, 5/19/20

Tuesday, 5/19/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home! 

Song: Letter Z – Have fun Teaching

Song: Learn the Letter Z – Jack Hartmann

Song: The Letter Z Song – ABCmouse

Reading: Read a book about the pond or pond animals(or listen to this one)  Who were the characters?  Who was the main character?

Little Critters JUST A DAY AT THE POND Read Along Aloud Story Book for Children Kids 

Letters & Sounds:  Pond begins with the letter P.  Make the “P” sound.  Think of all the words that begin with the letter P.

Math: Put number cards in a “pond” (aka blue piece of paper).  Fish for a number, say the name, and write the number. 

Fine Motor: Sing the song 5 Green and Speckled Frogs.  Use you fingers to count and your arm as the log as you sing. 

Art of Sensory: Make a pond sensory bin.  Fill a bin halfway with water then add plastic plates (lily pads), rocks, and plastic pond animals. 

Gross Motor: Lily pad leap! place pieces of green paper on the ground in a path and leap over them like a frog. 

Writing (journal): What would you see if you went to a pond?  Draw it in your journal. 

Music & Movement: Jaime’s Brain Breaks | 10. Little Green Frog

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Monday, 5/18/20

Monday, 5/18/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home! 

Zoom Pajama Party @ 7 pm 

Song: Letter Y – Have fun Teaching

Song: Learn the Letter Y – Jack Hartmann

Song: The Letter Y Song – ABCmouse

Reading: Read a book about shapes.  Notice the parts of a book (cover, spine, pages).

Shape Spotters

Letters & Sounds: Make a list of shapes.  Identify beginning sound and letter of each shape

Math: Go on a shape hunt!  Call out a shape and walk around the room touching that shape.  Repeat with other shapes. 

Fine Motor: Draw big shapes on a piece of paper.  Trace each shape with tiny treasures like coins, pom poms, buttons, or rocks. 

Art of Sensory: Cut paper shapes and create a shape collage. 

STEM: Make shapes with toothpicks and play dough.  Count how many points and sides of each shape. 

Gross Motor: Let’s zoom!  Pretend you are a jet plane.  Fly and zoom around the house.  Don’t forget to turn on your jet engines. 

Writing (journal): Use shapes to make a pattern in your journal.  Can you make more than one pattern? (ex: circle, circle, square, circle, circle, square)

Music & Movement: Shape Shifting (Pre-K) Shapes

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Friday, 5/15/20

Friday, 5/15/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home! 

Zoom Meeting @ 10 am

Song: Letter X – Have fun Teaching

Song: Learn the Letter X – Jack Hartmann

Song: The Letter X Song – ABCmouse

Reading:  Choose a book where the characters visit a new place.  Read the story.  What is the setting of the story?

Letters & Sounds:  Write letters A-Z on post its (one letter per post it).  Go on a hunt through your house and find things that begin with each letter.  Stick the post it with that letter on the item.  See if you can find something that begins with each letter. 


Fine Motor: Use stickers to create a picture. 

Writing (journal): Draw and write about your favorite thing you did this week! 

Music & Movement: Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1’s to 20 | Jack Hartmann

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Thursday, 5/14/20

Thursday, 5/14/20

*Use Remind to share what you’re doing at home! 

Song: Letter W – Have fun Teaching

Song: Learn the Letter W – Jack Hartmann

Song: The Letter W Song – ABCmouse

Reading: Read a book about Space (or listen to this one).  Examine the pictures. What do you notice?  What details do you see?

If I was an Astronaut

Letters & Sounds: Hide letters in foil.  Unwrap the letter, say the name and sound, then mark the letter on the letter hunt.

Math: Make a rocket number line.  Make a vertical number line with number cards.

Fine Motor: Make an alien and planets with play dough.  Use beads for eyes and cut up pipe cleaners for arms and legs. 

Art of Sensory: Make a space sculpture with foil.  Twist, smash, and bend the foil to make something.  Decorate with Sharpie markers.

STEM: Make a rocket fort with blankets and pillows.  Countdown and blast off into outer space.

Gross Motor: Let’s use our toes!  Place little items on the floor, like marbles, blocks, or crayons.  Use your toes to pick up the items. 

Writing (journal): Practice writing your first and last name in your journal.  Don’t forget to use an uppercase letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters. 

Music & Movement: Astronauts! Children’s Song – Kids Space Adventure | Bounce Patrol

Educational Websites & Resources:

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Wednesday, 5/13/20

Wednesday, 5/13/20

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Zoom Meeting @ 10 am 

Song: Letter V – Have fun Teaching

Song: Learn the Letter V – Jack Hartmann

Song: The Letter V Song – ABCmouse

Reading: Read a book about dinosaurs (or listen to this one).  Is it a fiction or nonfiction book?  How do you know?

A Read Aloud of “If the Dinosaurs Came Back” by Bernard Most

Letters & Sounds: Make letters with “dinosaur bones” (aka Q-tips).  Say the sounds the letters make.

Math: Find 5-10 dinosaur figures or stuffed animals.  Sort the dinosaurs by size, color, and number of legs. 

Fine Motor: Dino dig! Hide letters, numbers, or dinosaur figures in sand or salt.  Use a shallow pan and a paint brush just like archeologists do.

Art of Sensory: Make fossils with play dough.  Press various items into the play dough to create fun fossil prints.

Gross Motor: Let’s stomp!  Pretend you are a dinosaur.  Take big steps as you stomp around the house.  Chomp, chomp, CHOMP!

Writing (journal): What would you do if dinosaurs lived on the Earth with us?  Draw a picture of what you would do with the dinosaurs. 

Music & Movement: The Laurie Berkner Band – We Are The Dinosaurs (Official Video)

Educational Websites & Resources:

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