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Clay County food donations due by Wednesday, December 1. Feel free to send in your food donations at any time before then.

Religion:  Chapter 10 The Bread of Life

Friday – Chapter test

Science:  Chapter 4 Animal Growth and Heredity

Thursday – Lesson 1 Quiz

Friday – Family Traits due  This assignment will come home Monday.

English:  Pronouns

Friday – Test on Lessons 2.5 – 2.9

Math: Thursday- test Lessons 1-30

Social Studies: Lesson 3 Cowboys and Miners

Reading: Perpetual Motion Machine test – Friday

Spelling: jewel, tropical, Chicago, census, kingdom, pajamas, bulletin, terrific, gasoline, estimate, carnival, celebrate, factory, tomorrow, illustrate, operate, garage, humidity, elegant, celery 

Words are sent home the Friday before the test. Worksheet containing spelling words is due the following Tuesday and returned to students on Wednesday.    Test on Thursday.